How addicted are Vietnamese people to karaoke? This is the proof!

When looking at the current rankings of popular music on YouTube, it is evident that Vietnamese people have a strong passion for this form of entertainment, as the majority of videos feature karaoke content.


In today’s society, karaoke is an extremely popular form of entertainment not only in Vietnam but worldwide. Singing along to music with lyrics is not only a habit but also a way to relieve stress and have fun with friends. During holidays like Tet, karaoke becomes even more popular, both in rural and urban areas. Just take a look here and you’ll see how much Vietnamese people love karaoke!

Karaoke videos dominate YouTube, ranking high on the music trending chart

YouTube music trending chart filled with karaoke videos

Currently, almost one-third of videos on the Vietnamese YouTube trending chart are karaoke. Karaoke versions of popular songs like “Cau chuyen dau nam,” “Xuan nay con khong ve,” “Uoc nguyen dau xuan,” “Duyen phan”… attract hundreds of thousands, even millions of views from users. These are all beloved songs that many people choose to sing during the Lunar New Year season.

However, there are also some non-“spring” songs that stand out on the trending chart, such as “Dap mo cuoc tinh,” “Sau tim thiep hong,” “Gia tu”…

Many karaoke videos reach millions, even tens of millions of views on YouTube

Singing karaoke nowadays is very simple. Just connect your phone or smart TV via Bluetooth, open YouTube, choose a song and you can start singing to your heart’s content. However, singing karaoke can also lead to some negative consequences such as noise pollution and disturbance to neighbors and the community. Therefore, it’s important to enjoy karaoke in a civilized manner that won’t disrupt others.

Karaoke is a popular form of entertainment for many people

Karaoke is an invention by Daisuke Inoue since 1971. Interestingly, in 2004, the Ig Nobel Prize – a prize for useless inventions – awarded the Peace Prize to this invention. The reason being that it has opened up a new way for people to tolerate each other.

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