Foreign investors continue to sell off nearly 790 billion dong as VN-Index plunges, VPBank and The Gioi Di Dong in focus.

The foreign bloc continued to aggressively sell off on all three exchanges in the last trading session.


The stock market witnessed strong volatility in the late-week trading session. After a positive rally driven by the support of banking stocks, selling pressure unexpectedly emerged after 2 p.m, causing the VN-Index to sharply decline. The benchmark index closed the session on February 23 with a decrease of 15.31 points (1.25%) to 1,212 points. Trading volume also spiked with a trading value of over 30,000 billion VND on HOSE. Foreign investors continued to be a downside factor as they net sold 789 billion VND across the market.

On HOSE, foreign investors net sold with an approximate value of 767 billion VND.

In terms of buying, the focus of net buying was DGC stocks with a value of 119 billion VND. Following that, EVF and VRE were also net bought with a value of 95 billion VND and 50 billion VND, respectively. PAN and VNM were also listed as net buying on HoSE with 32 and 37 billion VND, respectively.

On the other hand, VPB experienced the strongest selling pressure from foreign investors with a value of 195 billion VND. MWG and VIX were the next two stocks that were sold with 183 billion VND and 140 billion VND, respectively. In addition, foreign investors also net sold TPB and MSN with a value of 78 billion VND and 76 billion VND, respectively.

On HNX, foreign investors net sold 21 billion VND.

In terms of buying, IDC was the most net bought stock with a value of 46 billion VND. In addition, MBS ranked next on the strong net buying list on HNX with 10 billion VND. Besides, foreign investors also net bought NBC, TIG, LAS with not too large values.

On the contrary, PVS was the stock that experienced net selling pressure from foreign investors with a value of 43 billion VND. Following it, SHS was sold with an approximate value of 19 billion VND.

On UPCOM, foreign investors net sold nearly 1 billion VND.

In terms of buying, ACV stocks were bought by foreign investors with a value of 8 billion VND. Similarly, MPC, SGP were also net bought with each stock having a value of several hundred million VND.

QNS was heavily net sold today with an approximate value of 14 billion VND. In addition, they also net sold MCH, BSR, ABI, and others.

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