What is the Next Target for BTC? CryptoQuant Analyst Explains!

The CryptoQuant analyst predicts that the next target price for Bitcoin could be $68,000. This forecast comes from a source known for accurate predictions in the crypto market. With this projection, Bitcoin holders may see a potential increase in their investments. Stay tuned for further updates on Bitcoin's price movements.


The next target price for Bitcoin could be $68,000, according to CryptoQuant’s analyst.

An analysis from CryptoQuant’s analyst, Mac_D, suggests that the next target price for BTC could be $68,000.

Arguing that Bitcoin has broken the average purchase price of long-term investors over 2-3 years, the analyst suggests that the only price level that could act as resistance for BTC could be $68,000, the highest level of the previous cycle.

Bitcoin is currently trading at $57,015 at the time of writing.

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