Honda’s New Scooter: Luxurious Design and Affordable Price of Only 29 Million Dong, Ready to Replace the Vision?

Honda's latest scooter newcomer has just been unveiled, boasting a luxurious design and an incredibly appealing price.


The mid-range scooter market in Indonesia is becoming more vibrant as Honda introduces the all-new 2024 Genio with 2 variant options, CBS and CBS ISS.

In the new version, Honda Genio 2024 owns a fresh and eye-catching appearance with 11 attractive color options such as Radian Red Black, Matte Green, Matte Blue, Matte Black…

At the same time, Honda also announced that the Genio 2024 meets the Euro 3 emission standards of Indonesia. In internal tests, the all-new 2024 Honda Genio demonstrated impressive fuel consumption, achieving 59.1 km/l when the ISS feature is activated.

In addition to the above upgrades, the Genio 2024 still retains its old design, with a unique front headlight cluster with large, sharp headlights and turn signals. The scooter’s trunk has a capacity of 14 liters, integrated with a USB charging port and a DC power outlet.

The Honda Genio 2024 also applies the new eSAF tubular steel frame system to increase stability, high rigidity, precise control feel, and lightweight.

The scooter is powered by a 110cc engine with a power output of 9 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and a torque of 9.3 Nm at 5,500 rpm. Additionally, Honda has equipped the Genio scooter with a new-generation ACG starter system to ensure smooth and quiet starts.

In the Indonesian market, the Honda Genio 2024 is priced at 19,100,000 IDR (equivalent to about 29.99 million VND).

Reference: Otoinfo