Bankruptcy hitting multiple major markets, The Body Shop Vietnam consistently reassures.

Recently, on The Body Shop Vietnam's official Facebook page, they announced that their business operations are "not affected by the ongoing restructuring process worldwide".



Following the news that The Body Shop has filed for bankruptcy in Canada and the United States, The Body Shop Vietnam, with its verified blue tick on Facebook, has spoken up, stating that they are not affected by the ongoing restructuring process happening worldwide.

Prior to this, after the news that The Body Shop was undergoing bankruptcy proceedings in the United Kingdom, the company in Vietnam quickly reassured that it was “not affected by the difficulties in the UK market.”

“The Body Shop Vietnam is under the umbrella of InNature Berhad, listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange in Malaysia. InNature owns more than 122 stores in 3 countries: Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

The InNature Board of Directors affirms that our business model in the 3 markets for The Body Shop is a form of global franchise partnership. The ongoing restructuring activities in the UK, the US, and other markets have no impact on the business operations of InNature Berhad” – said the statement from The Body Shop Vietnam.

The company also revealed that this year, The Body Shop Vietnam plans to expand its network of stores in bustling city centers in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, as well as continue to boost its online business which is currently booming in Vietnam, especially through social media.

On February 25, The Body Shop Vietnam celebrated its 15th anniversary in Vietnam and promoted itself as a vegetarian beauty brand from the UK. On its official website, The Body Shop Vietnam revealed that its story began with its first store painted green in Brighton, UK in 1976. The company promotes its products as ethically and naturally sourced from all over the world, with minimal packaging, and the ability to easily reuse bottles.


How is The Body Shop cosmetics brand doing when facing the risk of bankruptcy?

Thu Minh

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