Introducing MINSANDO Building Materials Brand in Vietnam

MINSANDO takes pride in being a leading construction materials brand in Vietnam, specializing in manufacturing and supplying high-quality product lines that meet construction standards for small projects to national-scale ones.


The brand currently owns a series of products that are adaptable to harsh weather conditions in each region, meeting “green construction” standards worldwide.

Brand story

The green wave in construction has been growing in recent years. To keep up with this trend, from the early days of its establishment, MINSANDO has set the goal of aiming for sustainable values in its development journey in Vietnam.

MINSANDO, with a wealth of experience in the field of mineral exploitation, is committed to making a difference in the construction industry by joining hands in greening construction projects across Vietnam, creating safe, comfortable, and environmentally friendly living spaces.

“Green building materials” safe for construction teams, aiming for environmental sustainability

MINSANDO introduces the message “Sustainable greening of all Vietnamese projects”

In early 2024, to mark an important milestone in affirming its position as a leading provider of comprehensive green building materials solutions in Vietnam, MINSANDO launched its market with the message “Sustainable greening of all Vietnamese projects” as a commitment to the noble mission that MINSANDO has set out to contribute to positive changes in the domestic construction materials industry.

To achieve this, MINSANDO has planned specific exploitation and production strategies that both bring business efficiency and ensure responsibility towards society and the environment. Specifically, regarding society and the environment, MINSANDO always strictly complies with the rules of production exploitation going along with resource conservation and regeneration, respecting the natural environment.

In addition, the brand regularly collaborates with environmental and geographic experts, as well as local authorities, to constantly monitor the natural conditions at exploitation sites, apply modern scientific and technical methods to develop appropriate exploitation plans, ensure that no abuse occurs to the current environment, and propose measures for environmental conservation and restoration in the future.

For partners and construction teams, through building materials products such as tile adhesives, grout adhesive, specialized/premium mortar, etc., which are certified for quality and meet the standards for all projects, the brand always accompanies the construction teams in greening millions of Vietnamese projects, contributing to improving the living environment. In particular, MINSANDO’s products always prioritize the safety of the health of construction teams, bringing peace of mind to partners and customer satisfaction.

Regarding consumers, understanding that a home is not only a shelter but also a space for each member to experience precious moments with their family and loved ones, the MINSANDO team dedicates their efforts to researching and producing user-friendly products, creating safe, comfortable, and durable living experiences.

What makes MINSANDO a reliable partner for customers, distributors, and construction teams from the launch?

As a leading company in both production and innovative construction solutions, MINSANDO combines two important elements: product quality, team dedication, and contribution to community development.

Accordingly, MINSANDO’s building materials are produced on the production line from the Federal Republic of Germany, have been inspected, and achieved certifications for procedures and techniques. The product quality is not only controlled once but also monitored throughout the production process.

The MINSANDO team has high professional expertise with extensive experience, not only focusing on developing new products but also continuously researching, improving processes, and finding perfect solutions for life.

MINSANDO is always aware of and highly values community responsibility in the sustainable development journey by paying attention to social work and organizing voluntary activities to spread positive values.

In the future, MINSANDO aims to become the leading building material brand in Vietnam, contributing to renewing the construction industry and accompanying large and small projects throughout the country with its product lines such as tile adhesive, grout adhesive, premium mortar, mortar for red bricks, mortar for concrete walls and ceilings, mortar for AAC/ALC bricks and CEMBOARD sheets, mortar for ACOTE walls, self-leveling mortar, bran, waterproofing products.

Joint Stock Company MINSANDO Building Material Production, in cooperation with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry – VCCI, officially announced the Press Conference to introduce the MINSANDO brand and building materials products on April 22, 2024, in Ho Chi Minh City.

The event will be attended by a large number of media representatives, industry experts, and representatives of construction companies in Vietnam.

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