Essential Moisture-Resistant Melamine Carb P2/EPA Board from KES in Vietnam

In early March, the KES Group launched its Melamine board product as part of the Series 9 collection - moisture resistant & Carb P2/EPA. This product line is the highest-grade in the current Vietnamese industrial wood board market.


KES has recently launched a brand-new melamine product line in the Vietnamese market, which meets the US standards. The highlight is the moisture-resistant and Carb P2/EPA emission compliant wood boards, ensuring the safety of consumers’ health (The maximum concentration of formaldehyde emissions in the boards does not exceed 0.09 mg/m3 or 0.09 ppm). Speaking about this, a representative of KES Group said: Moisture-resistant melamine boards with Carb P2/EPA in Vietnam are essential as Vietnamese consumers are becoming more knowledgeable in choosing products to protect their own health and families.

Carb P2/EPA certification from Kim Tin MDF Dong Phu Joint Stock Company (a subsidiary of KES Group – specializing in chipboard production)

It is known that this new product line from KES was born out of the desire to bring US-standard products to local consumers. KES is also a pioneer enterprise in Vietnam with Melamine products with Carb P2/EPA emission compliance and superior moisture resistance. For industrial wood, formaldehyde is a component in adhesive, created through the chemical reaction of urea and some chemicals to bond wood fibers and increase the hardness of the chipboard. Formaldehyde has been proven to be safe for health, but if it exceeds the limit, it becomes a harmful substance. Therefore, in demanding markets like the US and Europe, Carb P2/EPA emission compliance is considered the foremost standard and measure of high safety for health. Products that meet this standard will not cause eye irritation or allergy-related issues.

Next, we have to mention the “age-old concern” of consumers of wood products, which is moisture resistance, especially for tropical countries like Vietnam. The newly launched Melamine product from KES possesses superior moisture resistance with a moisture resistance level for 17mm boards that is less than 8% according to BSEN 317 standards. Therefore, it can be confidently used in high-density usage areas or humid areas while still ensuring the longevity and durability of the product.

The CEO of KES Group shares the philosophy of “Good wood, good paint for the country”

Up to now, KES products have been available in over 30 countries across 5 continents with an annual export volume of over 3,000 containers. Trinh Huu Kien – CEO of KES Group shares: “Every effort of KES is rooted from the spirit of wanting to bring good wood, good paint products to customers. We have our own production to not only meet the needs of users but also ensure that the products always meet safety standards for consumers’ health.”

About KES Group:

KES Group is a leading enterprise in Vietnam that owns a closed-loop industrial wood production chain from input materials to finished products. KES’s product portfolio is diverse, offering customers a wide range of options from raw MDF chipboards, melamine-coated chipboards, industrial wood flooring to other supplementary products. KES owns 6 industrial wood production factories with a total area of ​​up to 1,200,000 m2 and a world-class modern machinery system with a total investment of up to 9,000 billion VND.

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