The Blood-Red Market: Remembering the words of the legendary investor Mai Phuong Thuy, “Why call out when the big players are silent?”

Mai Phuong Thuy's statement suddenly went viral on a day when the stock market was engulfed in red.


Stock Market Plunges as Investors Panic

Today, on March 18th, stock market investors were thrown into chaos as many stocks plummeted from their highs to hit rock bottom. Within a few minutes, the VN-Index lost over 30 points, dropping to around 1,230 points in the morning, leaving investors in a state of panic.

Some lamented that their three years of savings disappeared in just one hour, while others sadly commented that they lost an entire month’s salary on their way to work. However, there were also those who breathed a sigh of relief, as they didn’t lose anything by simply watching others invest and lose money.

The shadow of stock trading looms large today (Photo: Welax)

Amidst the cries of despair from stock market traders as money slipped through their fingers, the remarks of “stock queen” Mai Phuong Thuy suddenly became hot again.

Two years ago, in April 2022, during a quick interview when the stock market was in decline, Mai Phuong Thuy affirmed, “For example, when the stock market goes up and you make 10 million, there are people who can make 100 million, 1 billion, 100 billion, or even billions of dollars in one stock market rally. So when the market goes down, the big bosses are the first and hardest hit, and if they don’t complain, Thuy thinks you shouldn’t complain either.”

Mai Phuong Thuy once shared about a stock market crash in April 2022

Later, the Miss Vietnam 2006 also gave advice that to not let money control you, you must understand its nature, just like a singer must be in control of the stage. Once you understand, you can control your greed and fear, not experiencing too much pain when the market goes down, or getting too excited when the market goes up.

“When the market goes down, Thuy can’t make as much money as I expected, but it’s not necessarily a loss. It’s a state of ambivalence… I still get my hair done, get a haircut, and enjoy life without any problems,” Mai Phuong Thuy shared about her state of mind during the stock market crash in April 2022.

She also stressed that predicting the market is a futile act: “The biggest mistake in this world is predicting the market. No one can predict the market accurately, but if you predict it wrong, you’re the one who suffers and doubts yourself. So don’t look at the market, look at it from the perspective of the business. Predicting the market is a hobby, and it will multiply many times over when you predict correctly once. So you have to restrain yourself from doing that. Thuy never predicts the market. It’s useless.”

Mai Phuong Thuy is known as the “queen of the stock market”

If you have been following Mai Phuong Thuy on social media platforms, you probably know that during the period of 2020-2021, the beauty queen frequently shared her personal views and predictions about fluctuations in the stock market. It is worth noting that even though they were just random statuses on her personal page, what Mai Phuong Thuy “predicted”… came true. The nicknames “The Queen of Stocks,” “The Queen of the Stock Market,” or “The Stock Market Beauty Queen” were born from that.

Here are a few of the statements made by the Miss Vietnam 2006:

1. Don’t follow anyone, because when you lose, you will be the one who suffers, while those who advised you to buy this or that won’t lose anything.

2. Every time I make a mistake, I make a completely different mistake. I make so many mistakes that I break all the nerves in my face, I don’t care and I don’t need to compare myself to anyone anymore…

3. It’s painful to broaden one’s horizons. Answering the question of how much I truly deserve makes me suffer tenfold. Investment knowledge is not difficult, but I think how much I deserve is a different matter.

5. If you lose sleep over losing 10 million dong, how can you make 20 million?