Thousands of tourists flock to experience the Pho Festival 2024.

The "Pho Festival 2024" took place in Nam Dinh province from March 15-17, 2023, attracting a large number of participants under the theme "The Pho Journey of Vietnam". The event was directed by the Nam Dinh People's Committee and co-organized by Masan Consumer Corporation. Throughout the festival, attendees enjoyed various pho dishes and experienced the rich cultural heritage of Vietnam.


A crowd of people queuing to buy pho coupons. Each coupon is worth 15,000 dong and diners will be able to enjoy a bowl of pho at the participating stalls.

A long line of people waiting to buy pho

People using coupons to buy pho at the stalls

French TikToker Will Courageux experiencing the process of making pho soup at Pho Van Cu Village, Nam Dinh

On the first day of the Pho Festival 2024, diners will be treated to 2,000 free bowls of pho from a giant pho pot

Pho noodle roll chef at the stall

Corn pho – a unique and popular dish in the rocky plateau of Ha Giang with the distinctive yellow color of corn

San Que Son pho is considered the “soul of Quang region”. It is a specialty of Quang Nam province and is made from cassava flour

Unique green banana flour pho dish attracts many visiting tourists

Artichoke pho in Da Lat is a pioneering creation of Atispho, bringing diners a unique culinary experience with the delicate combination of traditional pho and the fresh and unique flavor of artichoke

The hands of chefs and artisans create delicious bowls of pho for sale to tourists

Diners participating in the festival enjoying pho while sitting at the tables

Chinsu booth attracts a large number of visitors with a program of free Chinsu chili sauce

Games like animal grabbing and lucky draw at the Chinsu booth

Net fishing game to win Chinsu fish sauce

In addition to pho stalls, there are also booths selling fish sauce, vinegar, spices, and specialties from Nam Dinh province

Check-in corners for tourists at the festival