AI-Powered Digital Transformation for Enhanced Business Performance

Launched in late 2023, ViGPT, known as the "Vietnamese version of ChatGPT" developed by VinBigdata (Vingroup Corporation), has quickly become one of the top 4 models with the best Vietnamese proficiency.


Meanwhile, ViGPT collaborates with leading entities in various sectors, VinBigdata continues to integrate generative AI (GenAI) into production and business operations, accelerating the comprehensive digital transformation of enterprises.

Ranked among the top 4 in Vietnamese Proficiency

Within a few months of its debut, the ViGPT 1.6 billion parameter model (ViGPT-1.6B) has swiftly proven its quality by becoming the language model ranked among the top 4 in the VMLU Vietnamese Proficiency benchmark. The “made in Vietnam” GenAI model is second only to ChatGPT, GPT-4, and gemini. The results showcase ViGPT’s remarkable ability to grasp knowledge and reason in the Vietnamese language.

ViGPT ranks among the Top 4 in the VMLU Vietnamese Proficiency benchmark.

VMLU is a multifaceted, multi-level Vietnamese assessment standard that meets diverse market needs. It consists of 10,880 multiple-choice questions covering 58 different topics across various fields. With its extensive dataset, VMLU can effectively evaluate the Vietnamese language proficiency of AI models in terms of basic knowledge and complex problem-solving abilities.

“ViGPT’s inclusion in the top of the VMLU ranking after only 9 months of research is an impressive achievement, underscoring the capabilities of the VinBigdata team and the effectiveness of our product development approach,” shared Dr. Nguyen Kim Anh, Product Director of VinBigdata.

Currently, VinBigdata has completed the community version of ViGPT and is making it available to non-profit organizations. The community version focuses on information retrieval and content creation features tailored to Vietnamese-specific topics.

According to the roadmap, VinBigdata will continue to enhance the development of GenAI models with larger parameter counts (3 billion and 11 billion) to address complex business challenges.

Overcoming Obstacles in Enterprise AI Implementation Strategies

“While in the past, many enterprises were hesitant to integrate AI into core tasks due to concerns over cost and ‘machine-like’ performance, GenAI tools with optimized models like ViGPT can become the key to unlocking enterprise AI implementation strategies,” affirmed Dr. Nguyen Kim Anh.

According to a McKinsey report (2023), four key functions within an enterprise—Sales & Marketing, Research & Development, Customer Care, and Operations—stand to benefit the most from GenAI applications. Specifically, the technology can automate up to 70% of tasks requiring judgment, reasoning, and decision-making, reducing costs and saving time while enhancing business efficiency by 10%.

A key feature of GenAI models is their ability to synthesize and provide information based on user needs. For example, when presented with a document containing thousands of pages on sales policies or customer care, ViGPT acts as a professional advisor, receiving and responding to customer queries flexibly and naturally while providing information tailored to their specific needs, rather than delivering formulaic, rigid answers.

“Additionally, having complete control over a GenAI model eliminates the need for reliance on overseas providers, ensuring data security and privacy, a factor that has hindered the AI adoption strategies of many organizations in the past,” Dr. Kim Anh further emphasized.

To date, VinBigdata partners with numerous entities across various sectors, including public agencies, banks, insurance companies, airlines, and more, to integrate ViGPT into their business operations.

One notable project involves a trial implementation with the Information Center (Ministry of Information and Communications) to provide a virtual assistant that supports public services and offers information on legal documents, policies, and regulations regarding administrative procedures in the Information and Communications sector.

In addition to the completed community version, the enterprise version of ViGPT—”the Vietnamese version of ChatGPT”—boasts in-depth industry knowledge integrated into the VinBase 2.0 multi-cognitive AI platform. It offers solutions such as ViChat (text-based virtual assistant), ViVoice (call center virtual assistant), and the next-generation ViVi virtual assistant, which transform operational practices and elevate business effectiveness.

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