Billionaire Dollar ETF Sells Off Vietnamese Stocks After Weeks of Silence, Dumps THD

After several weeks of inactivity, the iShares ETF – an ETF specializing in frontier and emerging market equities – conducted a net sell-off of nearly all Vietnamese stocks in its portfolio during the period from April 8th to 15th, 2024. Notably, one stock was completely removed.

iShares ETF Vietnam Stock Changes from 08 – 15/04

Specifically, HPG was the most sold stock in the period, with 258,300 shares. VHM and VIC were also sold over 100,000 shares each. Notably, THD was sold off all 8,940 shares it held, officially being removed from the fund’s portfolio.

Only PVT had a positive stock change, but this was due to a 100:10 stock dividend on 11/04 (shareholders with 100 shares received 10 new shares). However, the actual positive change in PVT was lower than this ratio, so it is likely that the Fund also sold PVT during the period.

As of 15/04, the Fund’s net asset value was nearly 432 USD, down significantly from the nearly 455 USD on 08/04. The allocation to Vietnamese stocks was 27.1%, with the largest holdings being HPG (2.98%), VHM (2.37%), and VIC (2.02%).

Chau An