Cam Ranh: A Tourist – Logistics City Captivating Interest from Investors

On the real estate investment map of Vietnam, Cam Ranh (Khanh Hoa) is emerging as a new bright spot, attracting particular interest from investors.


With a synergy of meticulous urban planning and natural advantages, the region is experiencing a remarkable transformation, creating enticing opportunities for investors. 

Cam Ranh’s Growth Potential

Cam Ranh, a budding city nestled in the southern province of Khanh Hoa, is undergoing a promising metamorphosis as it emerges as an eminent multi-modal transportation and tourism hub in the region. This is clearly reflected in the urban development orientations and synchronized investments from leading developers like Vinhomes.

Resolution No. 09 of the Politburo has set the development roadmap for Cam Ranh until 2030 with a vision to 2045, outlining the goal to evolve into a tourism and logistics city. This diversification in development focus not only fosters multifaceted investment opportunities but also promotes sustainable and balanced growth for the area.

One of the most prominent highlights is the emergence of major real estate projects, particularly the Cam Nghia Social Housing project by Vinhomes. Commencing on January 11, 2024, this project not only signifies Vinhomes’ substantial commitment to the Cam Ranh market but also triggers a wave of infrastructure and utility development for Cam Ranh. Cam Nghia Social Housing and other Vinhomes projects in the pipeline will not only create new urban areas but also enhance the transportation network, technical infrastructure, and other public amenities. As a result, Cam Ranh will not only amplify its allure for tourists but also facilitate businesses operating in the area, ranging from restaurants and hotels to various service establishments.

Surge in Investments in Cam Ranh

Cam Ranh is emerging as a real estate hotspot with a substantial surge in transaction volume, particularly in land plots, since 2023. According to the Khanh Hoa province’s joint report for the first quarter, there were 5,941 real estate transactions recorded, with a total value of nearly 7,630 billion VND, of which 4,537 were land transactions. This demonstrates the heightened interest and substantial investment potential that Cam Ranh holds for investors.

Several factors have contributed to Cam Ranh’s allure among real estate investors. First and foremost, the area’s well-structured and sustainable planning has garnered significant attention from investors. The 1/500-scale planning for the coastal urban area of Cam Ranh Bay, Zone 3, spanning 314.8815 hectares, exemplifies the local government’s commitment to fostering sustainable growth for the area.

Another significant factor is Cam Ranh’s inherent natural advantages. Situated on the central coastal strip of Vietnam, Cam Ranh in Khanh Hoa province is renowned for its pristine natural beauty, boasting a picturesque bay and vibrant ports teeming with maritime activity. Notably, the area offers not only the tranquility of pristine waters but also the vibrancy of coastal living, creating a vibrant and multifaceted tapestry. With its airport, seaports, pristine beaches, and temperate climate, Cam Ranh possesses unparalleled potential for tourism and economic development. These advantages have catalyzed the burgeoning demand for real estate investment in the region.

The convergence of urban planning and Cam Ranh’s natural endowments has created an attractive and promising investment climate. The latest real estate transaction data and the progress of major projects by investors like Vinhomes underscore the robust momentum of investments in Cam Ranh. Moreover, the Cam Lam – Vinh Hao Expressway, which opened on April 30th, seamlessly connecting Ho Chi Minh City, and the North-South high-speed railway, operating at speeds of 350km/h, are also in the pipeline. These developments will not only bring economic benefits to the area but also create opportunities for sustainable growth in the future. Cam Ranh stands as a promising destination for real estate investors and a new beacon of economic development in Vietnam.

With the remarkable increase in real estate transactions and the commencement of major projects such as Vinhomes’ Cam Nghia Social Housing, Cam Ranh has emerged not only as a promising destination for investors but also a burgeoning star on Vietnam’s economic development map. In the years to come, Cam Ranh promises to continue attracting interest and investments, contributing to the sustainable growth of the region and the nation.

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