Elite Field and Close to 4,000 Runners to Hit Ecopark Marathon 2024

Do Quoc Luat, Bui Thu Ha, Doan Thu Hang, Sam Van Doi – the community idols of the running community, … and nearly 4,000 other athletes enjoyed a weekend run amidst the lush, open nature at Ecopark Marathon 2024.


On a weekend morning, the weather in Ecopark Green City is beautiful and cool, with the temperature about 3 degrees Celsius lower than in the city center thanks to the 1 million trees providing shade. In the urban area, all the internal roads lead to Swan Lake Park – the starting point of the Ecopark Marathon (EPM) 2024.

After four seasons, the Ecopark Marathon has left a strong impression, becoming a meeting point for runners, families, and the running community because the running route is surrounded by the green, peaceful nature of the land and sky.

Do Quoc Luat, Bui Thu Ha and over 1,300 athletes took part in the 21km race

This year, in its fifth season, the Ecopark Marathon has been infused with the exciting City Trail element, attracting nearly four thousand domestic and international athletes. Among them are elite athletes such as: Do Quoc Luat, Bui Thu Ha, Doan Thu Hang, Sam Van Doi, …

This year’s race includes 4 distances: 6km, Road Race 11km, HM 21km, City Trail 31km. The 6km race for young athletes (6km Kid) also attracted hundreds of children. Many of them are members of sports clubs in provinces and cities, and are being nurtured to compete in national tournaments.

The attraction for athletes to the Ecopark urban area race this year is still the fresh, spacious green space with white reeds, golden yellow phoenix flowers, or shady coconut trees with rays of sunlight filtering through the leaves to create an impressive natural picture.

Athletes ran through the internal roads of the Ecopark urban area, which is nearly 500ha wide

Athlete Luc Nguyen Huu from Ha Giang shared: “I participate in many races, but this is the first time I have come to the Ecopark race. Although I did not achieve my target KPI because I had a stomach ache at km 13-14, I was still very happy to have a new experience on a new running route. The most impressive thing for me is that the running route is picturesque, close to nature, and the organizers are very thoughtful and professional.

Having just successfully finished the race, the four children of Mr. Han Dinh Ut (Rung Co, Ecopark) rubbed and asked about each other. This morning, the whole family woke up early and went to Swan Lake Park together to participate in the race. The whole family successfully finished the race, the children were healthy and excited, and achieved better results than expected, which made him feel happy.

A family moment on the EPM 2024 race track

At EPM 2024, many families including husband, wife, and children participated in the race. There were even families with three generations participating together, holding hands to the finish line. “The image of young athletes smiling, holding hands to the finish line as siblings and cousins moved me. Running not only helps young athletes become healthier and more flexible, but also helps them bond, love, and support each other. We could call this race the race of happy smiles,” said Mr. Tran Anh Tuan, Head of the EPM 2024 BTC.

At the end of the race, the Organizing Committee awarded first prizes to the following categories:

Athletes who won first place at EPM 2024

Athlete Bui Thu Ha, first in the women’s 21km race, said that this is the second year she has participated in the race in Ecopark Green City. She usually runs in tournaments in the stadium, so she really enjoyed the new experience of running in the middle of the green space here.

Stemming from their love of running and pride in their hometown, the Ecopark residents’ group has coordinated with the founder of Ecopark to organize the race, with the desire to spread and share the beautiful green route, running through the forest of trees, the expansive lake, and the colorful flowerbeds in the urban area that they run every day.

Mr. Tran Anh Tuan, Head of the EPM Organizing Committee, said that the Ecopark Marathon has grown stronger over the years with more and more professional and semi-professional athletes participating. Mr. Tuan hopes that in the not-too-distant future, the Ecopark Marathon will become an international race and also a perfect choice for families during the holidays while still exercising and spending time together.


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