Extracting “White Gold” from the Sea, Thanh Hoa Fishermen Earn Millions Each Day

In recent times, fishermen from coastal villages in Thanh Hoa flock to the sea to harvest "white gold", earning 3-10 million dong each trip they venture offshore.


Jellyfish, also known as “white gold,” are commonly caught by fishermen in the coastal districts of Thanh Hoa during Tet (Lunar New Year), a season that lasts until early summer. 

Areas such as Hoang Hoa, Quang Xuong, and Sam Son are especially lively during these months, with numerous boats and rafts heading out to sea to catch jellyfish. Fishermen set out between 4-5 am, venturing 1-2 nautical miles from the shore. On a good day, fishermen can make 1-2 trips, and if they’re particularly fortunate, each boat or raft can earn up to 10 million VND per day.

Images of Thanh Hoa fishermen catching and processing jellyfish

A boat carrying a bountiful catch of jellyfish arrives at the port in Hoang Hoa district, Thanh Hoa province

According to the fishermen, the “white gold” catching season typically runs from after Tet to the fourth lunar month each year

During the jellyfish season, fishermen can make two trips per day, and each trip typically yields 1-2 quintals of jellyfish, with some boats even catching 3-4 quintals

With fresh jellyfish selling for 20,000-25,000 VND per kilogram, fishermen can earn an average of 3-5 million VND per fishing trip. Some boats and rafts even manage to earn up to 10 million VND

The jellyfish are sold to traders at the dock, who then sell them to processing plants

The fresh jellyfish are cleaned and processed to ensure the best taste and texture

Some jellyfish can weigh up to 20-25 kilograms when caught

After processing and cleaning, the jellyfish are soaked in a saltwater solution for 7-10 days

The jellyfish are ready for consumption after several days of soaking

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