Unlocking Enchanting Abodes: Why the Elite Yearn for The Miyabi Villas

Nestled in the heart of Vinhomes Royal Island - The Imperial City on an Island, The Miyabi's ultra-luxury villas are a rare gem offering an exclusive "discreet luxury" lifestyle that even the most discerning business elite are eager to embrace.


Quiet Luxury Lifestyle Encapsulates the World

As a luxury real estate agent specializing in Northern Vietnam, Mr. Dinh Khoi (Hanoi) shared that last weekend, a steel industry entrepreneur made a down payment for a villa with a prime location in The Miyabi gated community (Vinhomes Royal Island, Vu Yen, Hai Phong). Prior to that, a Vietnamese-German entrepreneur had also purchased a villa through him.

“The top criteria for the elite searching for a place to settle down is an exclusive living experience alongside privileges not available to the masses. They are willing to pay top dollar to own real estate projects like The Miyabi villa complex on Vu Yen island,” said Mr. Khoi.

The allure of The Miyabi gated compound within The Royal City of the Sea lies in its private, refined, and exclusive lifestyle within a secure and amenity-rich space.

In Japanese, Miyabi means “elegance” in “modest”, “refined”, representing grace, meticulousness, and nobility – a defining aesthetic philosophy of the cherry blossom country. Unlike the ostentatious and flamboyant styles of Iki or Wabi-sabi, “Miyabi” exudes understated luxury and refinement. Its elegant beauty is cleverly concealed and can only be truly appreciated by those with discerning taste and depth of soul.

Drawing inspiration from this concept and executed by world-renowned architect Kengo Kuma, The Miyabi was designed to embody the essence of “quiet luxury” befitting its esteemed owners. Mr. Kuma and his team harnessed the gated community’s advantages to reflect an aesthetic philosophy that seamlessly blends with nature, from its architecture to its materials. Every element is carefully crafted to exude the quintessential beauty of an upscale, sophisticated living space.

By masterfully intertwining the surrounding environment with unique architecture, Kengo Kuma and his team utilized the natural beauty of the Vu Yen riverscape to create a captivating panorama with a Japanese garden in front and the sea behind each residence. Consequently, every discerning resident of The Miyabi enjoys the privilege of dwelling in an idyllic setting adorned with verdant parks and Japanese-style gardens such as Zenpark and Ikigai. Each zone and green space is meticulously planned and strategically placed in front of the homes, evoking a sense of tranquility and the essence of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Under the guidance of architect Kengo Kuma, the villas exude meticulousness and perfection in every detail, gracefully curving around the white-sand beach with lush greenery. The overall effect creates an exclusive living experience, where the “azure sea” is just a few steps away. Each villa is nestled within a pristine natural setting, offering a distinctive living environment with a strong sense of connection and harmony with nature. This haven is perfect for those seeking a serene, pure lifestyle enriched by the energy and emotions of the sea.

“Encompassing all the valuable qualities of a sophisticated Japanese-style luxury property with an emphasis on nature, The Miyabi offers a world where one can experience an entirely different quality of life, a world of ‘quiet luxury’ that everyone yearns to possess,” Mr. Khoi remarked.

Embodying the Coveted Advantages of Luxury Real Estate

Apart from its distinctive “quiet luxury” lifestyle, experts and real estate agents believe that The Miyabi’s exceptional value also stems from its prime location, close to the prestigious amenities of Vinhomes Royal Island. The gated community seamlessly fulfills the elite’s desire for privacy and exclusivity.

The Miyabi’s allure stems from its strategic location, close to exclusive amenities reserved for the elite.

Situated right next to a 160-hectare, 36-hole golf course, one of the most prestigious in Southeast Asia and equipped with lighting systems on 27 holes for nighttime play, The Miyabi allows its owners to indulge in this aristocratic sport just steps from their doorstep.

From The Miyabi, it takes mere minutes to reach the state-of-the-art marina with over 300 berths, catering to the pursuit of luxury and unique experiences. The Royal Equestrian Academy is also nearby, where residents can embark on equestrian adventures with rare steeds and cultivate an aura of nobility.

Professional horse riding with the world’s finest and most expensive steeds is an exclusive privilege reserved for residents of The Royal City of the Sea.

The Royal Palace Convention and Banquet Center is also adjacent to The Miyabi, providing businesspeople with a convenient venue for important parties and meetings. The exclusive gated community is also close to Vietnam’s longest and most beautiful riverside walkway, where residents can easily immerse themselves in the bustling life of the island city, adding a touch of extravagance and balance to their luxurious lifestyle.

Its central location within Vinhomes Royal Island offers The Miyabi owners exceptional connectivity. The vibrant Hai Phong city center is a mere 10 minutes away, while the heritage site of Ha Long Bay can be reached in 40 minutes. Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is an hour’s drive away, and major Asian hubs like Thailand, South Korea, China, and Japan are just a 2-4 hour flight away.

Embodying the essence of refined Japanese living, purity, and energy alongside the coveted advantages of luxury real estate, The Miyabi exudes an irresistible charm that captivates the elite. It is poised to become a meeting ground for discerning individuals who embrace the “quiet luxury” lifestyle within the region’s premier Royal City of the Sea.

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