VPBank Can Tho Music Night Run 2024 – The Carnival of Joy

Unlike typical races where runners participate with the aim of achieving a certain time or setting a personal record, VPBank Can Tho Music Night Run 2024 (VCMNR 2024) offers athletes a novel and exhilarating experience that combines running with music.


When 5300 runners rhythmically embraced the beat

Maintaining all the elements of a regular race, such as start, finish, water and energy stations, VCMNR 2024 runners were further energized by artistic performances by over 100 artists at 5 music points situated along the 3 race tracks of 5km, 10km, and 21km.

Athletes interacting with artists at a music point during the race

The 5300 runners danced to various music beats ranging from high-energy EDM to unique brass band marches, from soothing acoustic renditions of popular hits to explosive performances by rockers, and from the ups and downs of traditional instruments to the melancholic strains of classical violin and impromptu saxophone riffs.

“Every time I pass a music point, I feel like I’m being ‘healed’. Running is already a fantastic mental medicine, but now with the addition of music, especially live music, it’s a truly memorable experience,” shared runner Trang Tyn from Can Tho.

Grand concert stage of VPBank Can Tho Music Night Run 2024 music and sports festival

After enjoying music on the race tracks, runners immersed themselves in a magnificent musical feast at the finish line on a grand stage adorned with LED lights, featuring a giant headphone design wrapped in a prosperity flower, illuminating the area by the Hau River.

Singer Isaac performs energetically on stage at VPBank Can Tho Music Night Run 2024

Here, “heartthrob” Isaac electrified the atmosphere with familiar songs remixed in high-energy EDM style. Western rapper Long Non La and G5R performed a chart-topping hit combining modern music with down-to-earth lyrics reflecting the riverine region. Chillies captivated runners with their melodious and heartfelt healing music.

Electrifying performance by Myra Tran

Myra Tran rocked the stage with her powerful vocals and charming interactions with the audience. Not only runners, but thousands of Can Tho residents and tourists from all over also joined the celebration.

A rendezvous of joy

Another aspect that distinguished VPBank Can Tho Music Night Run 2024 were the runners themselves. Participating in VCMNR 2024 with the primary goal of having fun, many athletes enthusiastically showcased their creativity with exceptional cosplay, demonstrating that running is not just a race against the clock but also an occasion for joyful memories and camaraderie among fellow runners.

On the race track, runners encountered numerous characters of different “nationalities”, such as Chinese jiangshi, Native Americans, or the flower-adorned No Face from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Qing Dynasty jiangshi spreading laughter and cheer among runners

Native Americans leave the forest for an urban experience of modern sports

No Face leisurely seeks fruit buyers, resulting in a slightly delayed finish

With a number of cosplaying athletes significantly higher than most regular races, VCMNR 2024 truly became a running festival for runners. “I’ve never participated in a race as fun as this before. The start line had a DJ playing music. Throughout the race, I was taking pictures with a jiangshi and Native Americans, and at the finish line, I met my idol Isaac. It was amazing,” exclaimed runner Nguyen Thi Van from Nam Dinh.

VCMNR 2024 also hosted a gathering of local cosplayers, with creations inspired by the lives of people living in the riverine region, contributing to the vibrant and colorful race track.

Anh Hai Can Tho, a symbol of prosperity and abundance, graces the race track

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