Binh Duong pitches Song Than industrial hub for country’s largest railway station

Binh Duong plans to use the land fund of Song Than Industrial Zone to expand the largest freight station in the country after the land lease expires. Currently, Song Than station is the largest intermodal station in the South, but its capacity is limited by its modest area, requiring renovation and expansion.


The leaders of Binh Duong province recently conducted a site visit to inspect the current status of Song Than station in Di An city.

At Song Than station, Secretary of the Binh Duong Provincial Party Committee, Nguyen Van Loi (left), affirmed the special significance and importance of Song Than station for the economy of Binh Duong province in particular and the whole region in general. Therefore, Binh Duong has identified this as a key project, and it is necessary to continue to accelerate the progress of upgrading and expanding the station so that the project can soon achieve economic efficiency.

The Secretary of the Binh Duong Provincial Party Committee requested that Di An City quickly clear the site and hand over the land to the Vietnam Railways Authority to implement the project to upgrade and expand the station. He noted that the implementation of the upgrade and expansion of Song Than station must have a specific plan, roadmap, and implementation timeline, and it cannot be further delayed.

Song Than Station is the largest freight station in the South, carrying out international multimodal freight transport to China and Europe, so it is of particular importance to the Southern Key Economic Region. In 2023, the cargo volume transported through Song Than station reached 1.6 million tons, and it is expected to reach 3.2 million tons by 2030.

Currently, the Ministry of Transport has agreed to upgrade Song Than station to an international multimodal station. However, according to the standards and requirements, the area of the warehouse for services is still insufficient. Therefore, the Vietnam Railways Authority hopes that Binh Duong province will support them in clearing the site and handing over public land that has been encroached upon by residents to carry out the upgrade and expansion of the station to meet the needs of an international multimodal station.

According to the plan, Song Than station will initially be upgraded with an estimated capital of nearly 180 billion VND. Specifically, the station will be rebuilt and supplemented with a freight yard, and the synchronous items will be built; new operator, customs, border guard, and public security houses will be built. An Binh freight yard will upgrade and renovate the unloading and loading roads, add more unloading and loading roads, and build a new cold storage.

Diagram calculating the cost of transporting goods from Song Than station to other countries

Binh Duong aims to increase the scale of the An Binh station (where Song Than station’s goods are gathered) from 64.6 ha to about 200 ha (from public land due to the expiry of the lease of land in Song Than Industrial Park) and has been updated in the planning of railway lines and connecting stations in the region. It is expected that the planning will have all the necessary features to connect the region.

Recently, Binh Duong province has proposed to the leaders of the Government, the Ministry of Transport, and the central ministries and agencies to support the locality in order to promptly update and supplement the Provincial Planning and implement the project in the near future.

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