Soc Trang Transforms 50 Hectares of Rice Fields into an Industrial Hub


On May 17, 2024, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha signed Document No. 318/TTg-NN approving the People’s Committee of Soc Trang Province’s decision to convert 50 hectares of rice land to non-agricultural land for the new Xay Da B Industrial Cluster project in Chau Thanh District.

The People’s Committee of Soc Trang Province shall organize inspections and reviews of land use status to ensure consistency between records and reality, maintaining rice land targets. At the same time, the Committee is responsible for monitoring and supervising the peeling and use of the topsoil in accordance with regulations and resolving difficulties and obstacles in the process of organizing the conversion of rice land use in accordance with regulations.

Moreover, the People’s Committee of the province is only allowed to decide on the conversion of rice land use when the project meets the conditions and complies with the law.

According to the approved 1/500 planning of the new Xay Da B Industrial Cluster project by the People’s Committee of Chau Thanh District on August 31, 2022, the project has a scale of 49.9 hectares, located in Ho Dac Kien Commune, Chau Thanh District, Soc Trang Province, with an expected labor force of 3,500 workers.

The nature of the project is a multi-sector industrial cluster, a place for production and provision of services for industrial production, without residential population. It attracts investment in the fields of agricultural, forestry, and aquatic product processing; mechanical industry producing machinery and equipment for the processing of agricultural and aquatic products; supporting industries and other processing and manufacturing industries such as machinery, electricity, electronics, textiles, and footwear.

According to the environmental impact assessment report (2022), the project is invested by Nam Dinh Bridge and Road Construction Joint Stock Company. The total investment is expected to be over VND 508 billion, of which the investor’s capital accounts for 15.2% of the total investment, and the rest is loan capital. Nam Dinh Bridge and Road Construction Joint Stock Company was established in 2007, and by early 2023, the Company had a charter capital of VND 300 billion, with Mr. Nguyen Van Vuong as the Director and legal representative.

Source: Nam Dinh Bridge and Road Construction Joint Stock Company

Thanh Tú

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