Adapting to the trend, ITL is ready to take off.

Being attuned to global logistics trends is one of the secrets that helps ITL stay on track and shorten the journey towards our goals.


Grasping trends to optimize the transformation journey

As a leading group specializing in integrated Logistics solutions, ITL has gradually built its position as a National Champion – a leading enterprise in the industry over 24 years of operation. This position has made important contributions to the 5-year transformation strategy, in which, in each transformation, ITL has meticulously analyzed the market context and industry trends to set the right direction. As a result, ITL exceeded expectations in two transformation times, especially in the second time – 2017, the company achieved a revenue target of 500 million USD ahead of 2 years compared to the plan.

For the third transformation journey of the 2023 – 2027 phase, ITL aims for the North Star goal – a shining star in the Logistics industry with a billion USD in revenue. To achieve this goal, during the year 2023 – the year of preparation for the transformation journey, ITL focused on consolidating and building a platform according to the trend of “Reform structure to promote supply source”. Specifically, the group adjusts and improves all aspects to optimize the efficiency of each activity and improve service quality.

In which, to optimize human resources, ITL increases benefits on one hand, and on the other hand creates pressure for each employee to achieve the best working performance, multitasking and flexibility to adapt to the transformation process. Considering technology as a weapon to compete, the group prioritizes the development of core technologies, hire or buy technologies with support nature to take full advantage of the power from this resource. At the same time, the group also increases the efficiency of utilizing existing assets at the highest level, while optimizing investment costs in building an ecosystem, to maintain growth momentum.

In addition to business goals, ITL is also ready to implement activities towards green and sustainable development, in line with the global trend and the concern of enterprises.

Mr. Ben Anh – CEO of ITL Group

Mr. Ben Anh – CEO of ITL Group said: “ITL has achieved the Level 3 Green Certificate (Leaf Label Level 3) awarded by the Green Freight Asia Association (GFA) to recognize ITL’s efforts in applying and implementing sustainable development programs in green freight transport to improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions in Vietnam. In addition, the group is gradually switching to using energy-saving equipment and solar energy systems in warehouses”.

Sweet rewards from the right vision and strategy

With agility in responding to market needs and the determination to transform in each journey, ITL has achieved a worthy position with 17 consecutive years in the Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam (VNR 500), 9 consecutive years in the Top 50 Excellent Enterprises in Vietnam, and 5 years in the Top 10 reputable enterprises in the Logistics industry (of which 2 consecutive years leading in 2022-2023). Regarding human resources, ITL also owns the “Best Workplace in Asia” award in 2022 from HR Asia Magazine and the “Top 100 Best Workplace in Vietnam” in 2023 from Anphabe.

ITL is honored in the Top 10 reputable enterprises in the Logistics industry in 2023 leading position.

Sharing about the achieved awards, Mr. Ben Anh – CEO of ITL Group said: “The award is not the ultimate goal for us, but through these awards, we know we are going in the right direction and build trust for our partners, customers”.

Especially, with more than 5 ports & ICDs from North to South, 500 trucks & containers, 30 barges and a total warehouse area of ​​up to 500,000 m2, representing more than 22 airlines, operating goods for more than 200 flights per week, ITL has sufficient resources to provide diverse and seamless Logistics solutions. Thereby, meeting the diverse needs of customers, from international End2End cargo transportation, to services related to Cold Chain and cross-border transportation.

With a strong internal force, ITL is ready for the optimistic 3rd transformation journey. In which, only in 2024, ITL invests 100 million USD to develop infrastructure, such as expanding the northern port 4 times, doubling the capacity of cold storage, expanding the warehouse area by more than 15%, increasing barge capacity…, to continue perfecting the open ecosystem and creating growth momentum in the near future.

“By continuing to build an open ecosystem that allows sharing, we want to join hands with businesses in the industry to improve the efficiency of exploitation and optimize costs – aiming to reduce Logistics costs for customers, while creating motivation to promote the common development of the industry”, Mr. Ben Anh emphasized.

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