Besides selling beef salad, Xemesis is also the owner of a popular food brand called “tam hoang streamer” with many branches nationwide.

In addition to running the Bơ Bán Bò brand with my spouse, Xemesis also co-founded the beloved Sà Bì Chưởng rice dish brand with our close friends, which has gained a large following from satisfied customers.


Xemesis, the famous male streamer in the Vietnamese gamebiz industry, is known as the most skilled businessman when it comes to the food and beverage sector. He has built a reputation by creating well-known eating establishments and constantly “making it happen”. However, recently, Xemesis and his wife Xoài Non surprised the public by simultaneously posting articles and videos announcing that they would no longer be associated with Bơ Bán Bò – the restaurant brand that Xemesis himself has painstakingly built.

Photo: Phạm Trang

The news of the famous streamer couple ending their collaboration has attracted the attention of the online community. Along with the unanswered questions, many expressed their regret for not having the chance to experience the brand associated with Xoài Non – Xemesis. However, besides Bơ Bán Bò, Xemesis is also one of the major shareholders of Sà Bì Chưởng – a famous broken rice restaurant belonging to the “streamer trio” including Độ Mixi, PewPew, and Xemesis.

Photos: @Cơm tấm Sà Bì Chưởng, @Bộ tộc Mixi

Sà Bì Chưởng was established in 2021 and has now expanded to 3 branches in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Lat, and Hanoi. All of these branches have made waves on social media, attracting a large amount of attention from fans and customers.

This project has been a long-cherished dream of all three streamers, filled with passion. After the success of the Saigon branch, the appearance of Sà Bì Chưởng in other provinces and cities has made fans eagerly anticipate it. From the “teaser” of the new location to the official opening, every branch has been flooded with customers checking in and even queuing for 4-5 hours just to enjoy the food and meet the famous streamers in the Vietnamese gamebiz scene.

Photos: @Cơm tấm Sà Bì Chưởng, @H. Trang

In addition, the restaurant has received many feedbacks and shares about the quality of the food and the price. On culinary forums, especially among rice lovers, as well as in many review channels and media outlets, Sà Bì Chưởng has been a hot topic of discussion. With prices ranging from 94,000 to 110,000 VND per portion, many people find the price of broken rice at the restaurant relatively high compared to a regular meal. However, many other customers are satisfied with the quality of the food and the meticulousness that the restaurant offers.

Photos: @Bộ tộc Mixi

Undeniably, the collaboration of the three famous streamers has helped the brand Sà Bì Chưởng achieve many business successes. Since its establishment almost 3 years ago, although not as bustling as before, all branches are still operating normally and have a loyal customer base.

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