Service of cooking offering for Ong Cong Ong Tao ritual gains popularity, with a special promotion including a free carp.

The demand for our offering of cooking services for the ritual of worshipping the Kitchen Gods has been overwhelming, with bookings filled up several days in advance due to the high volume of customers.


In recent years, due to busy schedules, many people have turned to online catering services to order festive feasts for important occasions, including the Day of the Kitchen God.

Many service providers of this type say they are overloaded because the number of orders for the Kitchen God’s feasts has increased sharply.

In order to attract customers on the occasion of the Day of the Kitchen God, many online catering establishments even give away carp. (Screenshot of photo)

As a native of Phu Ninh (Phu Tho), Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hoa came to Hanoi to get married and make a living and has done so for over 10 years. Previously, she worked in an office and sold meat from her hometown to support her life.

But after having to quit her job due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Mrs. Hoa sells goods at home and cooks meals according to online orders. Most of her customers are acquaintances who have become regulars over time. With a source of clean food from her hometown and her cooking skills, she has won the hearts of her customers and decided to quit her office job and cook meals for hire at home.

This year on the Day of the Kitchen God, Mrs. Hoa received nearly 50 orders for festive feasts. This whole week, she has decided to stop taking orders from customers because she is afraid of being overloaded and not being able to deliver on time. “Initially, I only intended to accept about 20 feasts, but they are all from familiar places, so I don’t dare refuse. Now I can’t take any more orders.” .

To ensure that the deliveries arrive on time for the festive rituals, Mrs. Hoa has recruited her family members to help, even asking her husband to take a day off from his job on Friday morning (which is December 23rd on the lunar calendar) to assist her in delivering the meals to the customers, as the delivery services are likely to be congested.

A festive feast that Mrs. Hoa cooks for the Kitchen God includes dishes such as boiled village chicken, village beef sausage, village sticky rice, stir-fried dong vermicelli, beef sausage, and spring rolls….all of which use ingredients from her hometown. Mrs. Hoa said that each feast costs from 700,000 to 1.5 million VND, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Also in the catering business, Ms. Tuyet Tran, the owner of an online catering establishment on Vo Thi Sau Street (Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi), offers 6 different types of feasts for customers to choose from during the Day of the Kitchen God.

Customers can choose from various types of feasts during the Day of the Kitchen God. (Photo: NVCC)

Ms. Tuyet said that her customers most prefer the feasts that cost 900,000 VND/feast because they are reasonably priced and save a lot of costs.

In addition, if customers are not satisfied with the pre-prepared feasts, they can freely choose other dishes from the menu of this establishment. “Customers can also state their desired price, then I will consult and finalize the dishes for them,” , Ms. Tuyet said.

According to Ms. Tuyet, as of the afternoon of January 30th (20th on the lunar calendar), she has received 30 orders for Kitchen God’s festive feasts. Her establishment already has chefs and shippers, but if there are too many orders and a shortage of shippers, she will call for help through various delivery apps.

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