Disprove false information about the “most beautiful villa in Long An”

Recently, a social media account posted information about the "most beautiful villa in Long An" belonging to a leader in Long An province, which has negatively impacted public perception.


The true owner of the villa located on National Highway 1 is Mr. V.M.N, the owner of a cement distribution company in Long An.

The villa is built with a beautiful architectural style that bears the classic European style, often considered a highlight at the entrance to Tan An City, Long An Province.

This villa has been falsely rumored. Photo: Long An Newspaper

In response to the press, Mr. N. said that after many years of business, in 2019, his family built this villa to be a place for the whole family to live.

Mr. N. was very sad when false information about the owner of this villa, which belonged to a provincial leader, was spread. At the same time, he expects the functional authorities to promptly investigate and handle the person who spread this news for the purpose of gaining “likes”.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet Hieu – Chairman of Ward 5 People’s Committee, Tan An City – confirmed that the N. family as well as their family business have always devoted themselves to the common development of Ward 5 and Tan An City.

“The N. family is one of the kind-hearted families who always accompany and actively support social security movements in the ward. Spreading false information about the villa not only directly affects Mr. N’s family but also has negative impacts on the locality. We strongly urge the functional agencies to investigate and handle the bad and toxic information on social media to protect citizens as well as the reputation of the locality” – Ms. Hieu said.