Enthralled by the captivating open design of this house.

The abode is an idyllic rural retreat that seamlessly blends with nature, fostering a harmonious connection between human and the natural world.


The residential area is transformed and built on the existing land, seamlessly integrating a block with the landscape. Applying a nature-centered approach, the design emphasizes open spaces to provide a vibrant living experience.

The overall plan of the residential area is a comprehensive combination of open-design houses, gardens, ponds, and grassy hills to provide intimate experiences with nature for children and families.

In the main house, the entire ground floor area is designed to open up to the surrounding nature, offering a 360-degree view. When present in the living room and dining area, the homeowners can extend their gaze to nature and the connecting swimming pool with the house’s veranda.

To harmonize with the landscape, local materials such as bricks and hive stones are used to create color and special highlights for the project. To shield the sunlight from the West without affecting the panoramic view, a brick curtain system is utilized, creating interesting perspectives for the architecture.

The private bedrooms on the second floor are all designed with glass walls to fully exploit the beauty of the landscape, bringing unforgettable experiences to the homeowners.