Regal Legend focuses on commercial development in Quang Binh by 2024

With the presence of hundreds of brands, industries each year contributing to meeting the consumer needs, shopping, entertainment for all ages - opening up a highly concentrated and efficient commercial business destination at Regal Legend.


Destination of thousands of brands from 2021-2027

Owning a rare diamond position, one side adjacent to the river, one side adjacent to the sea, the Regal Legend urban area, Bao Ninh 1, Bao Ninh commune, Dong Hoi city (Regal Legend) had great benefits from the infrastructure stepping stone when Bao Ninh (Dong Hoi city) was planned by the Quang Binh provincial People’s Committee synchronized infrastructure, along with a modern transportation system, from the 60-meter wide Vo Nguyen Giap coastal boulevard, to the surrounding roads from 32-36 meters connecting the two Nhat Le I and Nhat Le II bridges,… From here, it is easy to move to administrative agencies in the city, airport, train station, famous tourist destinations inside and outside the province such as Phong Nha Ke Bang, Vung Chua Yen Island, North-South highway…

Thanks to the convenient interconnected transportation network, the Regal Legend metropolis has become a bustling intersection, attracting a steady stream of visitors, along with vibrant commercial and entertainment activities.

The roads connecting to Regal Legend are always congested on weekends. Photo by Regal Group

In 2023, Regal Legend will introduce a series of brands from hotels, restaurants, cafes, fashion stores to supermarkets, cinemas: Regal Collection House hotel, Son Doong Mystery Light & Water Show music square, Cafe Trung Nguyen Legend, Regal Pool swimming pool, Ava Pool Bar entertainment space, Vietnamese conical hat waterfall, TocoToco milk tea, MiniGood supermarket, two walking streets Regal Lake Walk and Regal Beach Walk…

The 2024 Legend Festival attracted 100,000 visitors to visit, shop, and entertain, boosting the vibrant development of Quang Binh’s night economy.

The utilities and spiritual values ​​that Regal Legend brings are extending a chain of classy experiences, raising the living standards for residents and tourists. Thereby stimulating the demand for accommodation, dining, relaxation, shopping, and contributing to improving the livelihoods of local people through trading, buying and selling tourism products and services. Regal Legend brings opportunities for business and investment in resort accommodation, creating a launching pad for the development of tourism and the night economy of the local area.

The coastal super metropolis will boom in 2024

In 2024, Regal Legend will continue to launch a series of popular F&B brands such as Xing Fu Tang milk tea, Spicy Box hotpot restaurant, Regal Food shopping and dining space, Regal Mall commercial center, along with hundreds of fully covered stalls on the two walking streets.

Spectacular events, music festivals… are regularly organized to attract a large number of visitors and bring many business opportunities at Regal Legend. Photo by Regal Group

According to representatives of the Regal Group investor, commercial business activities are one of the important activities that will be strongly developed in 2024 at Regal Legend. Accordingly, with the commercial premises of Regal Legend, the investor will merchandise, deploy commercial activities to attract visitors; lease premises; cooperate in exploitation and business transfer of brands. In the leasing segment – applied to real estate that has been handed over to owners, Regal Legend will plan the overall area, deploy rental activities; deploy commercial activities to support tenants.

In particular, to stimulate the demand for business and commerce, Regal Group has also launched attractive lease policies such as free rent for 18-24 months, supporting VND 100,000,000 for interior finishing, supporting training in the industry from industry experts…

With the combination of commercial business and partnering with big brands, Regal Legend is gradually realizing the dream of becoming a destination that welcomes 2-3 million tourists each year, a symbol of the highest prosperity and prosperity. Thereby, bringing “rare” opportunities for customers and investors to own townhouses in the project, maximizing business activities in accommodation, commercial, service, technology, office rental, beauty spa… bringing stable and sustainable income in the largest tourism and entertainment hub in the Central region.