Gold Prices Surge, Exceeding 78 Million Dong per Tael

This morning (2/2), the domestic gold price continued to soar, surpassing 78 million dong per tael. In just 3 consecutive trading sessions, the domestic gold price has increased by 1.8 million dong per tael.


The Saigon Gold and Jewelry Company has listed the price of SJC gold at 76 – 78.3 million VND per tael, increasing by 400,000 VND per tael for both buying and selling. The price of plain round rings is 63.15 – 64.35 million VND per tael, increasing by 150,000 VND per tael.

The Doji Group has listed the price of SJC gold bars at 75.85 – 78.25 million VND per tael for buying and selling, increasing by 600,000 VND per tael compared to the previous trading session.

The Bao Tin Minh Chau Company has listed the price of Dragon Thang Long gold at 64.34 – 65.54 million VND per tael.

With the approaching Lunar New Year of the Year of the Horse, along with the increasing price of gold, businesses are launching many products for the God of Wealth Day. These products include gold dragon statues weighing 1 – 5 tael, and 1 – 2 tael per dragon statue.

In addition to the gold value, each gold statue also has a labor cost ranging from 300,000 VND to 6 million VND per statue (depending on size and delicacy).

At the same time, the world gold price is at $2,050 per ounce. Converted at the current exchange rate, the world gold price is about 60 million VND per tael, excluding taxes and fees.

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