Mango and Xemesis Sell 40% Stake in Beef Selling Avocado, Xemesis’s Brother Inherits as New Owner

The reason for the couple's retreat to Bơ Bán Bò is revealed by Xoài Non, due to the unresolved issues of the shareholders.


On the evening of February 1st, Xemesis surprisingly posted a video announcing that Xemesis and his wife, Xoài Non, have “resigned” at Bơ Bán Bò. Later, Xoài Non also posted an article confirming that the couple had no longer been associated with this food brand since the end of last year.

Accordingly, she stated that the reason the couple resigned from Bơ Bán Bò was due to disagreements among the shareholders. In the comments section, Xemesis’ older brother revealed that Xemesis and his wife had given up their entire stake without taking any money.

Bơ Bán Bò is a restaurant closely associated with Xemesis’ brand, with the name of the restaurant derived from Xemesis’ nickname “Bơ” – the name he is called at home, and the logo also features his image.

The legal entity that owns the Bơ Bán Bò brand is Bơ Bán Bò LLC, established on October 14, 2022 with a charter capital of 2 billion VND. Initially, Bơ Bán Bò LLC was Bơ Bán Bò JSC, with 4 founding shareholders including Nghiêm Anh Hoàng owning 35%, Nghiêm Anh Hiếu (Xemesis) owning 15%, Phạm Thùy Trang (Xoài Non) owning 15%, and Nghiêm Xuân Quyết owning 35%. The initial director was Lê Phạm Ngọc Diệp (born in 1989).

On January 3rd of this year, Bơ Bán Bò JSC changed to Bơ Bán Bò LLC, and the owner is Dream Valley Investment and Trading Service LLC. Dream Valley Investment and Trading Service LLC is a company where Nghiêm Anh Hoàng is the director and has a charter capital of 20 billion VND, in which Nghiêm Anh Hoàng owns 98%, and the remaining 2% is divided equally between Hoàng Thanh Vy and Nghiêm Anh Hiếu.

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