Saigon Co.op partners with CJ Group for strategic goods transportation

On January 30th, Saigon Co.op and CJ Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement to build a shared ecosystem for service provision, goods transportation, and the implementation of an automated warehouse system.


This collaboration further enhances the flow of goods at Saigon Co.op’s distribution system, ensuring a smooth connection for bringing domestic products to the international market. This signing event will be the starting point for the formation of the leading supply chain logistics unit in Vietnam based on the strengths of the two leading economic entities of Vietnam and South Korea. It will promptly and effectively meet all customer needs.

Customers are served promptly through a seamless transportation system

3 main contents of the agreement

Jointly research the development and exploitation of Saigon Co.op’s Warehouse Project, West Ho Chi Minh City – Le Minh Xuan 3 Industrial Park. This project is located in Saigon Co.op’s warehouse cluster and started construction in October 2023, expected to be operational in July 2024 to reduce pressure and risks at warehouses in the East direction, helping to re-plan the system of warehouses conveniently, allocate areas to serve supermarkets/stores, and arrange logistics routes more reasonably to reduce transportation costs. It is known that supply chain logistics in the retail sector is considered a special field with tens of thousands of items that need to be preserved, packaged, categorized, and delivered. It is therefore very difficult to apply automation technology. To achieve success in applying CJ Logistics’ advanced automation technology to the retail sector this time, the overall efficiency of post logistics activities will definitely increase significantly, providing a solid foundation for reducing overall operating costs. The West Ho Chi Minh City warehouse has equipment and a model of operation that moves from semi-automation to automation, helping to ensure the sustainable development of the supply chain to serve Saigon Co.op’s retail network.

After the project of Saigon Co.op warehouse, West Ho Chi Minh City – Le Minh Xuan 3 Industrial Park, the two parties will continue to cooperate to implement new cooperation plans, including new innovative ideas and new business cooperation models.

Build a team of skilled specialists, and explore and exploit future cooperation opportunities.

In his speech at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Anh Duc, representative of Saigon Co.op, said: “In the context of the current Vietnamese retail market witnessing the presence of many foreign retailers, Saigon Co.op must make even greater efforts in serving customers, not only ensuring quantity and quality products, but also delivering them quickly to customers. Combining with CJ Group will be a strategic step to help Saigon Co.op achieve its goals: develop a network of warehouses, invest in infrastructure, equipment, and management systems following new trends in new technologies (Automation, Big Data, AI,…) to modernize warehouse operations, meet the demand for goods and services, increase productivity, reduce costs, and optimize profits,… moving towards the “Logistics Profit Center” model – an independent Logistics company that not only serves Saigon Co.op’s retail models but also provides services to partner customers.”

This collaboration further enhances the flow of goods at Saigon Co.op’s distribution system

Mr. Kim Kwon-woong, representative of CJ Logisticis, shared: “Saigon Co.op is a potential partner for CJ Group and CJ Logistics to maximize the most excellent logistics techniques of South Korea and TES – Technology, Engineering, and Solutions. ‘Technology’: accelerate warehouse operations in the future; ‘Engineering’: design models optimized for the entire supply chain management process; ‘System & Solutions’: provide comprehensive solutions from start to finish with the latest technologies.”

A seamless transportation system contributes to promoting Vietnamese goods to the world market

About Saigon Co.op

Saigon Co.op was established in 1989, operating in retail distribution, investment, import-export, and manufacturing. Saigon Co.op owns the most modern retail models in Vietnam, including Co.opmart, Co.opXtra, Co.op Food, Co.op Smile, Cheers, Finelife, Sense City commercial center, Sense market, Ben Thanh store, online shopping channel. Saigon Co.op has a diverse and efficient distribution network, with nearly 1,000 points of sale nationwide, serving millions of visitors and shoppers every day.

About CJ Group

CJ Group is a multinational corporation from South Korea that comprises many businesses with a diverse business portfolio including products and services used in people’s daily lives.

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