Saigon Co.op ventures into TikTok for AI-powered sales.

To meet the shopping demands for Tet (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) among the general population, particularly the customer base of Generation Z (young individuals aged 20 and above), Saigon Co.op has officially introduced its sales on TikTok starting from January 25th, 2024.


Simultaneously, the company deploys AI (artificial intelligence) technology, also known as “livestream selling with virtual characters,” to optimize costs, reduce product prices, and support users in shopping almost 24 hours a day. Initially, the AI technology will be tested by Saigon Co.op until the end of the Lunar New Year (February 5th), with an average duration of 10-12 hours per day. Afterward, it will be evaluated based on the number of successfully concluded orders, views, access rates, interactions, etc. to officially implement it broadly. Users can watch livestreams and purchase products through the addresses @co.opmart.official or /@benthanhliveshopping and enjoy exclusive offers only available through this AI-powered livestream platform.

Saigon Co.op starts selling on Tiktok

AI technology provides maximum customer support along with incredible offers

To introduce this activity, on January 30, 2024, Saigon Co.op, together with its operating partner Aeyes streaming Vietnam Joint Stock Company, organized an event to present the AI-powered livestream selling project. The program was attended by representatives from the Research and Development Institute of Ho Chi Minh City.

AI-powered livestream is increasingly popular in the online market worldwide because it brings outstanding advantages compared to traditional livestreams: continuous 24/7 operation, simple operation, reduced human workload, thus optimizing prices for customers… In addition to promoting shopping activities, AI-powered livestreams also serve well for customer care, answering questions, product reviews, and creative content creation…

Le Van Tong, Head of Online Business Department at Saigon Co.op, said: “Deploying AI-powered livestreams is a breakthrough in Saigon Co.op’s digital transformation journey and also actively contributes to the common commercial development goal of Ho Chi Minh City. With this new and exciting sales trend, we hope to bring more convenience and time savings to consumers.”

Nguyen Van Linh, Director of Aeyes streaming Vietnam Joint Stock Company, shared, “AI-powered livestreams, or livestream selling with virtual characters (digital humans), will be continuously available 24/7, optimizing human power as conventional livestreams cannot. The three criteria of digital humans are authentic visual representation, friendly language familiar to the locals, and intelligence in handling interactions with customers in the most genuine way throughout the livestream. Sellers can use a “virtual product warehouse” with various available characters and costumes…”

Truong Minh Huy Vu, Deputy Director of the Research and Development Institute in Ho Chi Minh City, directed the need to enhance the scale of sales forms using modern technology: “The AI-powered livestream form has been previously applied in several projects in the city with tangible effectiveness. This form not only contributes to effective revenue growth for businesses but also promotes agricultural products from regions to a large number of customers inside and outside the country. Moreover, AI technology does not entirely replace humans as many of us are concerned but on the contrary, AI helps transform and restructure professions, especially in the field of Information Technology.”

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