The Tet holiday, shipping companies surrender, online shop owners on tenterhooks.

Many businesses and online shops are struggling with the overwhelming demand during the Lunar New Year holiday, leading to congested delivery services.


For the past few days, despite continuously contacting delivery companies to find a shipping solution for the Lunar New Year, Ms. Nguyen Thuy Linh, an online shop owner selling beauty products in Hanoi, has still been unsuccessful. Ms. Linh said that the number of orders has skyrocketed, leaving her at a loss for what to do. For orders within Hanoi, she can still manage to find a shipper, although it’s difficult. However, for orders to other provinces, she’s currently out of options.

“There are so many orders, and customers are requesting them before the Lunar New Year. However, the delivery partners I have worked with before are all overwhelmed and unable to accept new orders, or even fulfill the ones they have already received. They cannot guarantee that the shipments will reach customers on time. I am suffering significant losses as many customers have canceled their orders due to not receiving them before the Lunar New Year,” said Ms. Linh.

Many delivery companies are overloaded during the 2024 Lunar New Year. (Photo illustration: Thanh Lam)

This situation is not just happening to Ms. Linh’s company. On social media forums, online shop owners have been continuously expressing frustration and complaining about how overloaded delivery companies are affecting their businesses.

“I sympathize with all of you. During the Lunar New Year, sales can triple or even increase a hundredfold compared to regular days, but the delivery companies are getting in the way. I have already handed over the goods to the delivery company for 5 days, but they are still in the warehouse, sent to the post office, let alone delivered to customers. I am at a loss for what to do,” wrote a user named Quynh Trang.

Another user, Pham Kim Hue, shared, “I’ve delivered the order to Giao Hang Nhanh, but it has been in their warehouse for 10 days without being shipped. The customer is urging me, but what can I do?”

Warehouses of some overloaded delivery companies during the Lunar New Year. (Photo: Giao Hang Tiet Kiem Group)

Alongside these desperate posts, many people advise businesses and entrepreneurs not to accept orders in the coming days as a precautionary measure.

“Give up, don’t be greedy, shop owners. Only a few more days until the Lunar New Year, but with such slow delivery, if we keep accepting orders until we can no longer deliver, it will cost us dearly. If the customers agree to pay a high shipping fee, send the goods to the passengers’ vehicles for quicker delivery,” commented a user named Kim Nga.

Trinh Thao said, “I ordered items for the worshiping ceremony to honor our ancestors, but even on the day of the ceremony, they told me it would take another 2-3 days to arrive.”

Many delivery companies have stopped accepting inter-provincial shipments

When contacted about this issue, a representative from Viettel Post, a delivery company, informed VTC News that according to their regulations, they are still accepting all normal orders. However, some overloaded posts might decline shipping orders to distant provinces. This depends on the operations of each post and is not part of Viettel Post’s policy.

In addition, the representative also added that the company only accepts orders from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to other provinces until the end of the 23rd day of the Lunar New Year. After that day, they will no longer accept long-distance orders, or they will accept the orders but deliver them after the Lunar New Year.

On the other hand, Giao Hang Nhanh (GHN) also announced that they will not accept orders for inter-regional shipments after 6 PM on the 22nd day of the lunar calendar.

For inter-regional shipments, they will stop accepting orders after 6 PM on the 23rd day of the lunar calendar. For orders within Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, they will stop accepting orders after 6 PM on the 25th day of the lunar calendar.

Regarding shipments within provinces, Giao Hang Nhanh announced that they will stop accepting orders after 6 PM on the 24th day of the lunar calendar…

Announcement of delivery order suspension during the 2024 Lunar New Year by Giao Hang Nhanh (Photo: screenshot)

Meanwhile, in response to VTC News, a representative from Giao Hang Tiet Kiem (GHTK) confirmed that the company had temporarily suspended accepting orders in certain local areas over the past two weeks. “During the two weeks leading up to the Lunar New Year, the volume of goods from e-commerce platforms entering our delivery network has significantly increased, which has adversely affected our operational efficiency. Therefore, GHTK had to temporarily suspend accepting orders in certain local areas to ensure operational quality. There is no strike by employees of this company,” the GHTK representative stated.

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