Cancel Toyota Car Contract to Switch to VinFast Electric Car, CEO of 20-Year Taxi Company Affirms ‘This is the Right Move for the Present and Future’

Having previously signed a contract to purchase gasoline cars from a Japanese automaker, Sơn Nam Company has now shifted its investment focus towards VinFast electric vehicles in order to pursue long-term and sustainable development.


On January 19, 2024, Son Nam International Transport Company and Green and Smart Mobility Corporation organized a handover ceremony for the first electric taxi service under the MaiLove brand in Nghe An province.

Son Nam Company has been operating taxis for nearly 20 years and is the leading transportation company in Nghe An province with nearly 700 taxis of all types. In August 2023, Son Nam Company signed a contract to purchase a new fleet of Toyota Vios cars. However, after studying the market and researching state-oriented documents for the transportation industry in the future, the company realized that investing in green vehicles is essential for the development of public transportation enterprises.

Therefore, the company decided to become the exclusive partner of Green and Smart Mobility Corporation in Nghe An province to deploy electric taxi services, thereby promoting green transportation trends and contributing to turning Nghe An into one of the green provinces in the country.

Mr. Ho Chuong, General Director of Son Nam International Transport Company, said, “Collaborating with GSM is a step in the right direction for the development of Son Nam, both now and in the future. We consider cooperation with GSM as a long-term and sustainable strategy, as well as a gateway for Son Nam International Transport Company to integrate into the development trend worldwide.”

Mr. Ho Chuong, General Director of Son Nam International Transport Company, speaking at the opening ceremony of the MaiLove electric taxi service in Nghe An

The eye-catching green-colored MaiLove electric taxis will provide the people of Nghe An with a civilized, modern, and environmentally friendly transportation option.

According to Mr. Ho Chuong, VinFast electric cars with advantages such as odor-free, noise-free, and emission-free, equipped with various driving support and smart entertainment features, will provide customers with safe and comfortable journeys.

“Based on information from some partner businesses, electric cars can help us save a lot of energy costs and maintenance compared to gasoline-powered cars. Managing and operating electric vehicle fleets will also be simpler with the support of smart technologies, thereby helping us reduce personnel operating costs. Additionally, electric cars are a new type of vehicle, so I believe they will help us attract more customers,” he said.

In the coming year, GSM will also integrate the MaiLove electric taxi calling service on the pure-electric Green SM multi-service platform, enabling customers to easily book taxis through the application to know the fare in advance and make payments through various forms.

Mr. Ho Chuong said that with the development of diversified transportation service providers, electric rental services, the use of electric cars in taxi services, and transportation in general, there will be strong changes in Vietnam in the near future.