Top 5 Hottest Deals in Shark Tank Season 6: Thuyền Xưa’s No-Gimmick Approach Sparks 8x More Discussion Than TikToker Long Chun, Dế Mèn Snack Startup Sees 12.5x Revenue Increase on Shopee

Startups have seen a remarkable surge in revenue and interest after securing funding on Shark Tank Vietnam season 6, even before sealing the deal in reality.


According to the announcement from social media research company YouNet Media, during the intense period of reality TV shows from 1/11 to 30/11/2023, the Top 10 popular gameshows attracted over 595.8K discussions on social media. Among them, Shark Tank ranked 3rd among a “forest” of gameshows focusing on music, entertainment, and dating.

In particular, this program attracted over 67,500 discussions, becoming the Top 3 gameshow with the most discussions on social media in November 2023.

After over half a decade of being aired, with the theme of investment – entrepreneurship, thanks to its unique content and the integration of specialized knowledge about investment and valuation into intense and exciting “brain-teasing” situations, Shark Tank has successfully attracted a file of audience discussions with over 60% from the age range of 25-34 and 21% from the age range of 35-44. Meanwhile, other gameshows such as 2 days 1 night have younger viewers with 40% from the age range of 18-24 and 50% from the age range of 25-34.

In season 6 of Shark Tank Vietnam, Thuyen Xua Foods and PlayAh! were the two most discussed startups after more than 11 episodes (as of 30/11/2023) with over 5,700 discussions.

Thuyen Xua Foods – the most viral “billion-dollar deal” of Shark Tank season 6 with over 3,300 discussions on social media. The fluent presentation ability, impressive career story of the female founder, and the “hunt” for all 3 Sharks with a 10 billion investment for a 15% stake are the 3 reasons that helped this brand attract a large amount of user attention.

Notably, Thuyen Xua Foods’ revenue on Shopee after 1 month of airing (14/11 – 14/12) increased by 236.2% compared to the previous month (14/10-14/11) – data recorded by YouNet ECI.

Thuyen Xua successfully raises funding from 3 “sharks”

The next outstanding deal on Shark Tank season 6 is PlayAh! – a Vietnamese condom business startup that was broadcast on national television and also received the 2nd highest level of discussions. Participating in the couple’s healthcare field, a market that foreign brands currently dominate, but by understanding the Vietnamese people’s hesitation when buying products, this startup has gained sympathy and achieved good business results with high-quality products at competitive prices, along with smart packaging that “disguises” itself with eye-catching colors, resembling familiar electronic games.

After 2 weeks since the deal was closed on the show (26/11-9/12), PlayAh!’s revenue on Shopee increased by 65.6% compared to the previous two weeks. In addition, PlayAh! is also among the Top 4 best-selling condom brands on Shopee, Lazada, Tiki in November 2023 (according to the YouNet ECI Ranking, data from YouNet ECI).

In addition, REC REC, a startup with a “unique” product – cricket snack, not only surprised the Sharks but also the viewers. Despite being considered too niche by the “sharks” and the ability to compete with countless competitors in the market, just 1 week after appearing on Shark Tank (3/12 – 9/12), the revenue of REC REC products on Shopee increased by 12.5 times compared to the previous week (26/11-2/12) (data from YouNet ECI).

Meanwhile, startup Mot Buoi Sang attracted attention with the statements of TikToker Long Chun, but the level of discussion was only 13% compared to Thuyen Xua Foods and 18.1% compared to PlayAh!. 

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