TokyoLife partners with WeChoice Awards: Celebrating and spreading kindness in every act

Participate in the WeChoice Awards 2023 to celebrate and spread acts of kindness, that is how TokyoLife fulfills its mission of "Excellence in Social Service", creating positive changes in society through small actions.


TokyoLife representative and members of Do Da Hospital – A refuge for the vulnerable at the award ceremony.

After a 3-year hiatus, WeChoice Awards 2023 returned with the theme “Dare to Shine” to convey the message of daring to live and act for passion, daring to strive to pursue dreams through stories of kindness. The core values and mission of this prestigious award are also the goals that TokyoLife pursues. It is excellent social service to create positive changes in the community.

As a companion to WeChoice Awards 2023 in the Inspiring Category, TokyoLife wants to spread to the community the examples of kindness, courage, and the good things around us.

“Every humanitarian project is born from beautiful ideas, and conversely, an idea no matter how good it is, if not realized, it is difficult to warm people’s hearts. When a humanitarian idea, a kind action is promptly implemented, it needs to be honored and widely spread to create inspiration. TokyoLife believes that every action, no matter how small, can make big changes in society,” said Ms. Do Huong Lien.

2023 is a year when the economy and society have faced significant challenges and changes. But even in such difficult circumstances, the Vietnamese people’s compassion, love, and the spirit of giving themselves to the community have still shined brightly, bringing vibrant colors to what seemed to be a monochrome painting.

From a teacher who has been a “boat driver on the Da River” for 18 years, taking students to the shore of knowledge; a leather workshop that supports vulnerable people in society; a first-aid team that cherishes over 10,000 lives; to a group of Gen Z youths who dare to innovate, making a historical landmark “go viral” to the world with pride… all are ordinary individuals but still shining in their own way and living a fulfilling life.

Wechoice Awards, along with the support of companies like TokyoLife, have brought the silent heroes, known by few, and their stories to millions, inspiring and motivating the community and society to do good things.

TokyoLife representatives are happy to have been able to contribute support and encouragement to the values that the Inspiring Characters of WeChoice Awards, who have a kind heart, are helping people in difficult circumstances.

Prior to joining WeChoice Awards, TokyoLife was also the first and only business in Vietnam to implement the Sustainable Job Creation Project for Disabled People on a large scale. Since 2017, TokyoLife has had 142 disabled employees working in 57 stores, 4 Angel House models with over 80% of the employees being hearing-impaired, and 1 Light Factory – the workplace of nearly 50 employees with physical disabilities.

With the principle of not only giving a fishing line but also creating a “joyful fishing lake” for disabled people, TokyoLife also trains them in professional skills and creates a fair, loving, and united working environment.

In December 2023, TokyoLife was honored when the “Angel” Project – Solving the problem of employment for disabled people received the “Human Act Prize 2023 – Action for the Community” award. In the future, TokyoLife hopes to expand this model to create even more jobs for disabled people, continue to serve customers with all their hearts, and bring even better values to the community and society.