Vehicle Registration Department Struggles with Administrative Reform in Transportation Industry

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) has released the evaluation results of the administrative reform work in 2023 for its affiliated departments. The Vietnam Road Administration was rated as the best-performing unit in terms of administrative reform, while the Vietnam Register of Vehicles ranked last.


According to the ranking, the Vietnam Road Administration scored the highest (78.907 / 100). The Vietnam Maritime Administration ranked second (77.853), followed by the Vietnam Civil Aviation Administration (77.112). The Vietnam Register achieved the lowest assessment result with 69.963.

The Vietnam Investment and Construction Management Department scored 76.338; the Vietnam Expressway Administration scored 76.156; the Vietnam Railway Administration scored 72.370; the Vietnam Inland Waterways Administration scored 71.487.

According to the Ministry of Transport, this is the first time that the Ministry has implemented the scoring and evaluation of administrative reform results for specialized agencies. The scoring is based on 3 components. Component 1 score (maximum of 50) is self-assessed by the agencies, followed by the assessment board and decision-making.

The administrative reform work of the Vietnam Register is at the lowest position among the 8 specialized agencies of the Ministry of Transport.

The scoring is carried out for 7/7 administrative reform tasks based on 64 specific criteria, including: directive and executive work; institutional reform work; administrative procedure reform work; administrative machinery organizational reform; public service regime reform; public finance reform; and construction and development of e-government, digital government.

Component 2 score (maximum of 30) will be evaluated and scored by the Ministry’s leaders (through surveys, questions, and answers).

Component 3 score (maximum of 20) will be evaluated and scored by the heads of advisory agencies assisting the Minister (through surveys, questions, and answers).

The Ministry of Transport stated that based on the evaluation results of the administrative reform tasks in 2023, the ministry will gradually establish a unified, consistent, and stable monitoring and evaluation system for each administrative reform task.

The evaluation results of the administrative work in 2023 are one of the important criteria for evaluating and classifying the performance of the heads and recognizing the completion of tasks by the entities.

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