Over 19 thousand households in Hanoi still awaiting allocation of service land

In recent times, the city of Hanoi has allocated land to 36,557 households. However, there are still over 19,000 households who have not yet been allocated service land, with a total area of 112.19 hectares.


The Hanoi Department of Natural Resources and Environment has recently reported the results of land allocation for service purposes in the city. According to the report, the total demand for service land to be allocated to households and individuals in the city is 360.52 hectares, involving 55,580 households.

The city has already allocated land to 36,557 households with an area of 248.33 hectares. There are still 19,023 households waiting to be allocated service land, totaling 112.19 hectares. These households are located in the districts of Ha Dong, Me Linh, Thanh Oai, Quoc Oai, Hoai Duc, and Thanh Tri. Among them, Me Linh district has the largest area with 24.4 hectares and 5,705 cases.

Service land in Hoai Duc district

According to the Hanoi Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the allocation of service land has encountered many difficulties due to land policies in different periods, including Vinh Phuc province (Me Linh district), former Ha Tay province, and Hanoi before its expansion in 2008.

To overcome these difficulties, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment has proposed to the Hanoi People’s Committee to report to the Prime Minister for permission to apply special mechanisms for resolving service land in the districts and communes with fairness among the households whose agricultural land was withdrawn (at the same time, same projects) and according to the commitment of each locality, specific projects in different periods. Me Linh district has been approved by the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for the proposal to support the allocation of service land to households and individuals with agricultural land in the district according to Government Decree 64/1993.

To accelerate the progress of service land allocation projects in other districts and communes, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment has suggested that the Chairpersons of the People’s Committees of the districts, communes, and towns urgently develop monthly plans for service land allocation, specific tasks, report to the standing boards of the districts, communes, and towns for unified direction and implementation, ensuring the basic completion of service land allocation in 2024.

For localities that have completed infrastructure construction on allocated land, it is recommended to immediately allocate service land to households and individuals as regulated. In addition, based on general planning, zoning plans, detailed plans, or new rural planning: organize review, propose uniform service land positions to the Department of Planning and Architecture for the approval of the Hanoi People’s Committee, and implement according to regulations.

Meanwhile, the representative of the Me Linh District People’s Committee stated that they have issued Plan No. 15-DA/HU on “Leadership and guidance for allocating service land to households and individuals” and organized conferences to thoroughly discuss the plan in communes and towns.

The Me Linh District Party Committee also directed the establishment of Steering Committees for service land allocation at all levels to concentrate comprehensive leadership on this work. The district Party Committee assigned specific tasks to each department, board, unit, commune, and town; established Appraisal Councils and Task Forces at all 3 levels to disseminate, review, and compile cases of allocated service land, coordinate in infrastructure construction of service land areas, and propose service land allocation plans; implement procedures for granting land use certificates to households and individuals who have been allocated land, ensuring democracy, objectivity, fairness, transparency, and compliance with regulations.

The district People’s Committee assigned specialized departments and agencies to coordinate with the People’s Committees of communes and towns in reviewing planning, proposing the implementation of 17 projects, with a total investment of about VND 940 billion.

The district People’s Committee directed departments, boards, units to strive to complete the review, publicize data, adjust, supplement service land positions, and carry out land clearance, infrastructure construction of service land areas in 2024. In 2025 and subsequent years, continue to build infrastructure for service land areas and organize the allocation of service land to the people.

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