What does Dan Phuong district say about land violations in the craft village that have been ongoing for over 10 years?

In recent days, the authorities in Dan Phuong district (Hanoi) have been carrying out measures to forcibly demolish illegal factories on agricultural land in the traditional woodcraft village of Lien Ha.


The People’s Committee of Dan Phuong district said that the origin of land in households in Trung Phan, Phan, Khoai, Bo Ho villages, Lien Ha commune is agricultural land. Currently, 127 households have built 171 sheds and workshops for the production and business of wooden furniture.

“127 households have illegally built sheds and workshops on agricultural land for the production and business of wooden furniture in Lien Ha commune without the permission of the competent state agency, which violates Article 12 of the Land Law 2013 prohibiting certain acts, causing environmental pollution and fire hazards,” the People’s Committee of Dan Phuong district responded in a letter No. 01 (dated January 3, 2014) sent to VOV Electronic Newspaper.

Handling land violations in traditional craft villages existing for over 10 years, Dan Phuong district speaks up

These violations on agricultural land in Lien Ha commune have been in existence for over 10 years, being “supported” by the local authorities when providing electricity for production to the households that are now being forcibly dismantled.

A crackdown plan during the days before Tet has affected the residents. The residents said that due to the inability to transport all the goods, they want more time to self-demolish.

“The request to demolish within 2 months, with an investment of billions of dongs, with many machines and equipment that are difficult to dismantle according to the requirements of the authorities,” said Mr. Nguyen Van Chua in Lien Ha commune.

Meanwhile, residents in the Trung Phan area also said that the demolition is also greatly affecting the livelihood of nearly 2,000 workers working here as Tet is approaching.

“We hope that the authorities will create job opportunities for us to work. When Tet comes, there is no production, no money to pay, then there will be debts. The investment in production and business loans from banks is also known by the People’s Committee of Lien Ha commune,” said Mr. Nguyen Tien Cuong, a resident of Lien Ha commune.

Admission to the misuse of land, however, there is a historical factor left behind. The people want to be converted to conform to the regulations.

However, according to Mr. Nguyen Thac Hung – Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Dan Phuong district, the Trung Phan area is in the public development planning. This area has had workshops for a long time, with a high risk of fire and misuse of land.

The People’s Committee of Dan Phuong district also shared about the damages of the residents, however, the current regulations do not allow for existence so enforcement must be carried out.

“For this area, the People’s Committee of Dan Phuong district cannot repair because it is entangled in the capital planning. Prior to the period 2010-2014, we also proposed to the People’s Committee of Hanoi City to adjust the planning but it was not approved,” said Mr. Nguyen Thac Hung.

The violations that have existed for more than 10 years “backed” by the grassroots authorities, the handling of officials to make these mistakes, Mr. Nguyen Thac Hung said: “To exist these violations have been from many years ago, the previous local leaders, currently these comrades have retired and their term has ended to handle”.

To solve the existing violations of land due to the previous period, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Hanoi City issued document No. 188 in 2020.

In item 2.1 point a for families and individuals: “For cases of violations before July 1, 2014, cases that comply with the planning, the People’s Committee of communes shall instruct to prepare violation dossiers to determine the time when households and individuals voluntarily convert the purpose of land use, illegal construction of houses to consider handling and issuing certificates of land use rights and collecting financial obligations…”. Residents question whether these violations on agricultural land in Lien Ha commune all occurred before 2014, can these violations exist according to document No. 188?

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Hanoi City said: “According to the report of the People’s Committee of Dan Phuong district, households were assigned agricultural land in 3 communes: Lien Trung, Lien Ha, Lien Hong, but they voluntarily changed the purpose of land use, built large-scaled timber processing workshops, which violate regulations on land, construction order, and pose risks of fire and environmental pollution, affecting security and order in the locality. They must be handled and cleared.

Therefore, the handling of violations in the management and use of agricultural land is the responsibility of the People’s Committees of communes and the People’s Committee of Dan Phuong district in accordance with the regulations and directions of the People’s Committee of the city”.