02/02 Shark Tank: Contrary moves of institutional and self-trading investors

On February 2nd, proprietary trading firms bought shares worth over VND 428 billion, while foreign investors sold shares worth nearly VND 271 billion.


Proprietary traders focused on net buying MWG stock value of nearly 126 billion dong, followed by PNJ bought 111 billion dong and ACB over 102 billion dong.

In contrast, HPG was the most heavily sold stock, with a value of over 26 billion dong, followed by NVL sold for nearly 14 billion dong and VND nearly 10 billion dong.

Foreign investors had the strongest net buying of PDR stock, with a value of nearly 155 billion dong, followed by NVL acquired over 91 billion dong, and MWG over 60 billion dong.

On the other hand, VNM experienced the largest selling pressure with over 80 billion dong, followed by SHS and PC1 which were sold for over 55 billion dong and nearly 54 billion dong respectively.

Huy Khai