3-Day Delay: 650 Flights from Tan Son Nhat Airport

The increasing demand for travel and the bad weather conditions have greatly affected the landing of flights. Over the past 3 days, more than 650 flights at Tan Son Nhat - Ho Chi Minh City have been delayed.


The statistics from Tan Son Nhat Airport Operations Center from 0h on the 1st to 16h on the 3rd of February (22-24th of Lunar December) showed that the airport operated more than 1,100 flights. Among them, 659 flights were delayed, accounting for almost 60%.

The two airlines with the highest number of delayed flights were Vietjet Air with 257 flights, accounting for over 74% of the total flights operated by the airline. Vietnam Airlines also had 209 flights, accounting for over 59%. These are the two airlines with the largest operating rates.

Jetstar Pacific had 44 delayed flights (accounting for 70%), while Bamboo Airways had 43 flights (accounting for 57%)… Along with delays, 40 flights were canceled due to weather conditions in the past three days, accounting for 3.63%.

Delayed flights have been frequent since February 1st due to fog in the northern provinces causing many airplanes unable to take off and land on time. This affected the connection time between airports, especially Tan Son Nhat – the largest aviation hub in the country.

Passengers waiting too long due to delayed flights at Tan Son Nhat Airport.

On the afternoon of February 3rd, the Deputy Minister of Transport – Le Anh Tuan – conducted a surprise inspection of the operation at Tan Son Nhat Airport. According to the statistics of the day, the airport had about 900 flights arriving and departing with nearly 130,000 passengers, mostly domestic passengers. Among them, there were about 62,000 domestic passengers, many flights delayed 4-5 hours, causing many people to struggle and tire of waiting.

In response to this situation, Mr. Tuan requested that the airport and airlines coordinate more closely in the process of operation and exploitation, especially during peak days of the Lunar New Year.

Airlines need to be more proactive in providing information to passengers, avoiding situations where passengers have to wait too long at the airport and become frustrated. When flight delays occur, the airport and airline should work together to find solutions to alleviate congestion and provide clear explanations for passengers to understand the objective reasons that affect their travel.

In the case of bad weather like the past few days, it is necessary to be more transparent and provide clearer explanations to passengers, even apologize to them.

In addition, the leadership of the Ministry of Transport also directed the relevant units to arrange flight schedules that are suitable for the operational capacity of the airport and airlines, minimizing flight delays as much as possible.

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