Bình An and Phương Nga busy decorating their house for Tet, simple decorations still impress netizens.

Phương Nga and Bình An's apartment is filled with vibrant red decorations for Tet.



Decorating the house is an activity that cannot be overlooked on every Lunar New Year. Like everyone else, the couple Phuong Nga – Binh An are also busy preparing to renovate their luxurious apartment. On her personal TikTok channel, Miss Universe Phuong Nga uploaded a video capturing the entire process of decorating the house, making netizens even more excited and enthusiastic than ever.

Every year, Binh An and Phuong Nga spend time decorating their house to welcome Tet.

This famous couple’s apartment is designed in a minimalist modern style with elegant white tones. Therefore, to make the space more prominent, Phuong Nga chooses red and eye-catching Tet decorative items. The beauty queen born in 1998 uses red decal paper to fold into small fans hanging on the wall. She also creates lovely bows to tie on the front door and decorate the paintings in the house. The couple also does not forget to buy lanterns and fireworks to embellish the living space with more vitality and beauty.

Phuong Nga makes paper fans to decorate the house.

There are paper fireworks hanging on both sides of the living room wall.

Not only decorating the house with decorative accessories, Binh An and Phuong Nga also buy flowers to celebrate Tet. Accordingly, the couple chooses typical Tet flowers such as apricot blossoms, marigolds, and peonies. Apricot blossoms are placed in ceramic vases on the dining table and altar. The red peony bouquet is displayed on the TV shelf in the living room. Two pots of marigolds are placed on both sides of the entrance, contributing to filling the house with the colors of spring.

Two pots of marigolds are placed on both sides of the entrance of the house.

The red peony bouquet adds vitality to the living room.

This year, the couple chose to buy a small withered branch.

On the ancestral altar, there is also a small budding branch.

Binh An helps his wife tidy up the house.