VPBankS introduces new ePortfolio investment portfolio

The VPBank Securities (VPBankS) Investment Portfolio Model Products are built by a team of highly experienced experts, enabling customers to easily and efficiently invest by selecting from the pre-existing model portfolios on the VPBankS trading platform.



In the context of continuous interest rate reduction; the bond and real estate markets “frozen”, the choice of investment channel that is both safe and profitable makes investors headache. Looking in the long term, the Vietnamese stock market is considered to have great growth potential and is a “juicy land” for investors, especially in the context of the macroeconomy maintaining a high growth rate. However, this is also an investment method that requires investors to have experience and time to stick to the market in order to bring about large and sustainable profits.

Understand that, VPBank Securities has pioneered research and deployment of the ePortfolio Model Portfolio product to help customers make the most effective, safe, simple and easy investment decisions. This is a product built and managed by industry-leading experts with over 20 years of experience from VPBank Securities, assisting investors in monitoring and selecting suitable portfolios on the NEO Invest platform with simple and convenient operations.

Currently, ePortfolio has launched 5 “tailor-made” strategies that are suitable for the investment appetite of each customer segment. These strategies include stable dividend portfolio, value investment portfolio, financial growth portfolio, competitive advantage portfolio, and trend-based investment portfolio. Moreover, these portfolios are selected according to the investment philosophy of legendary experts such as Warren Buffett or Fisher’s method.

Sharing about this product, Mr. Tran Hoang Son – Director of VPBank Securities Market Strategy Research said: “The difference of ePortfolio lies in understanding the investment needs of customers. This is a product directly researched, selected and controlled according to a strict management process by experienced experts from VPBank Securities. Customers can easily diversify their portfolios to optimize profits with expected annual return rates of up to 30%”.

Prior to that, VPBank Securities had launched the Model Portfolio product and within 3 months from the product launch, as of January 16, 2024, the performance of these portfolios has grown significantly, even exceeding expectations. such as the Financial Growth Portfolio with actual performance reaching 28.00%; or stable dividend portfolio with actual performance reaching 11.67% while the growth rate of VN-Index is 12.25%.

To experience VPBank Securities’ ePortfolio, investors only need to take 3 simple steps on the NEO Invest application and explore their investment appetite through a small survey. From there, investors can choose a suitable portfolio according to VPBank Securities’ suggestions and start their investment journey with a small capital, starting from 1 million VND, together with VPBank Securities’ free trading policy. In addition, the product can be 100% experienced online, helping investors to regularly monitor investment performance and quickly take profits at any time, anywhere.

Inheriting the strength and business philosophy of “customer-centric” from the parent bank, VPBank Securities not only builds comprehensive and specialized investment solutions for each customer segment, but also sends monthly ePortfolio portfolio reports to investors as well as the Livestream program “Unlocking investment” with the topic “Personal Finance” takes place every week with many useful advice directly from the expert team.

Experience ePortfolio with 4 easy steps as follows:

Step 1: Log in to NEO Invest

Step 2: Choose “Investment” and select the “ePortfolio” product

Step 3: Take the survey to explore your own investment appetite

Step 4: View the statistics of each portfolio and choose to Invest with VPBank Securities

For more details, visit here https://www.vpbanks.com.vn/eportfolio

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