Commercial operation of the elevated section of the Nhổn – Hanoi Station route in June 2024

The leaders of Hanoi city have demanded that all relevant units make necessary preparations to put the Nhon - Hanoi urban railway (elevated section) into commercial operation by June 2024.


Train on the Nhon – Hanoi urban railway line during a trial run at the Mai Dich intersection in July 2021. Photo: VNExpress

According to the MRB report, the overall progress of the urban railway line (metro) from Nhon to Hanoi station is 77.76%. Specifically, the elevated section is 99.65% complete, while the underground section is 37.25% complete. Quality control and safety management have been enhanced to prevent safety incidents.

For the Hanoi Urban Railway line 2, from Nam Thang Long to Tran Hung Dao, the unit has advised the City People’s Committee to report to the Government for approval of investment adjustment. On January 10, 2024, the City People’s Committee submitted a request to the Prime Minister for approval of the investment policy for the project. In addition, the Committee is coordinating with localities to carry out land clearance work.

Several other projects are in the preparation stage, including: Line 1 (Yen Vien – Ngoc Ho); extended line 2A (Ha Dong – Xuan Mai); line 3.2 (Hanoi station to Hoang Mai); line 5 (Van Cao – Ngoc Khanh – Lang – Hoa Lac) and line 6 (Noi Bai – Ngoc Ho). The progress of the preparation work for these projects has been positive.

Mr. Nguyen Cao Minh, Head of the Hanoi Urban Railway Management Board, stated that the unit will complete the trial operation of the elevated section of the Nhon – Hanoi railway line by the end of April 2024; by the end of June 2024, the system safety certification, testing and acceptance by the investor and state management agencies will be completed for handover to the Hanoi Railway Company Limited for commercial operation.

In addition, the unit will focus on adjusting the investment policy, land clearance and resettlement for line 2, from Nam Thang Long to Tran Hung Dao; and continue to prepare for the investment of other projects.

According to the Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee, Duong Duc Tuan, the journey of building an urban railway network is long and becomes more difficult as it nears completion. The city requires all officials, civil servants, and employees of the MRB to be determined, overcome all challenges, take resolute, scientific, efficient, and positive actions to innovate in order to fulfill their duties.

In particular, for the pilot urban railway line in Hanoi, from Nhon to Hanoi station, it is necessary to accelerate the training, operation and maintenance, trial operation, and acceptance work in order to put the 8.5 km long elevated section into operation in June 2024…

The Nhon – Hanoi metro project is 12.5 km long, passing through 8 elevated stations and 4 underground stations. Specifically, the elevated section (Nhon – Cau Giay) is 8.5 km long, and the underground section (Cau Giay – Hanoi station) is 4 km long.

The total investment in the project is over VND 34,800 billion, an increase of over VND 1,900 billion; of which the city’s budget capital has increased by nearly VND 3,900 billion, and ODA loans have decreased by nearly VND 2,000 billion.

The project was started in 2009, with the original completion date set for 2015, but the deadline has been adjusted multiple times.

Tung Phong