La Mia Bao Loc is ready to hand over to customers – Asserting the reputation of Eras Land’s project development unit

Inspired by the beautiful country of Italy, La Mia Bảo Lộc is a vibrant urban development that values a worthwhile living experience. With its lush green landscapes, intelligent planning, and complete amenities, La Mia Bảo Lộc captivates the attention of numerous investors upon their first experience.



Completed infrastructure and utilities

With the expected completion and handover to residents in the first quarter of 2024, the infrastructure and utilities system at La Mia Bao Loc project has been completed, creating trust for investors and customers.

The La Mia Bao Loc project has a scale of 91,214 m2 with a total supply of 357 products including shophouses, townhouses, garden townhouses, and villas. La Mia Bao Loc offers a variety of products, with diverse areas, unique architectural designs, and suitable functions for diverse investment, settlement, and resort needs of customers.

La Mia Bao Loc’s infrastructure is completed and ready for handover in the first quarter of 2024

La Mia Bao Loc impresses with its system of over 30 outstanding utilities inspired by ancient Roman mythology, landscape planning, and impressive design. The main highlight of the project is 4 Roman gardens: Cupid Garden, Minerva Garden, Apollo Garden, and Eden Garden. Moreover, the project also possesses unique check-in points such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, angel wings, flower garden, etc., and physical and health care facilities such as children’s playground, basketball court, meditation – yoga area, running track. All are completed and ready for handover to residents in the near future.

In the Bao Loc market, among the projects being implemented, there are few projects that have been built and completed, planned, and executed as thoroughly as La Mia Bao Loc in 2023. The project developer, Eras Land, has fulfilled its commitment to customers from completing construction, issuing titles for each product, ensuring quality living for residents here, thereby reinforcing confidence in a unique and valuable product in Bao Loc.

To build a pioneering and comprehensive urban area before handing it over to customers, Eras Dalat and the project developer Eras Land have chosen strategic partners such as Nam A Bank, AHS Operation Management Unit, GK Design Unit, and Decofi Construction Contractor – leading reputable corporations in their respective fields.

The potential price increase of La Mia Bao Loc in the future

It can be seen that Bao Loc City is the second city in Lam Dong Province with abundant land funds. The province has focused on investment and development and attracted the attention of major investors nationwide. However, the real estate prices here are still very low, considered to be a price valley compared to the potential that the city has. This place combines all the outstanding advantages to create an ideal living space with green landscapes, fresh air, along with the impetus from infrastructure and economic development, which guarantees the potential price increase of real estate in the future.

In addition, the Dau Giay – Lien Khuong expressway is being accelerated to start construction in 2024. When completed and put into use, it will connect Lam Dong Province with the Southeast provinces to stimulate and strongly develop tourism and the socio-economic field. At the same time, it helps change almost the entire appearance of Bao Loc City and leverages the strong development of the real estate market in this area in the future.

Located in the center of Bao Loc City, facing National Highway 20, La Mia Bao Loc residents can fully enjoy a system of high-class utilities as well as easily connect and trade with other areas such as schools at all levels, markets, supermarkets, shopping centers, People’s Committee headquarters,… It only takes 5-10 minutes to travel to famous landmarks and tourist sites in Bao Loc such as Tan Ha Church, Bat Nha Monastery, Tâm Châu Tea Hill, Nam Phuong Lake, Lộc Châu Sheep Hill,…

However, within the project, La Mia Bao Loc owns a bustling shophouse area along the main road of the project. In the near future, when the shophouse chains are operational, Bao Loc will have more bustling, trendy, and attractive tourist and commercial streets to attract tourists.

The La Mia Bao Loc project has strong potential for price increase in the future

Along with the positive “push” from transportation infrastructure, utilities – services, and trade connections, these criteria resonate with each other to create outstanding potential for La Mia Bao Loc Pioneer Urban Area. Certainly, in the future, when handed over to residents and as the population increases, the project will become the busiest and most dynamic center in Bao Loc. This is also the basis for contributing to the recovery and growth of the real estate market in 2024. 

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