French Apple Driving Agricultural Trade Between France and Vietnam

Accompanying the rising trend of healthy eating with vegetables and fruits in Vietnam, French apples are experiencing a significant increase in imports, contributing to promoting the agricultural trade between the two countries...



Currently, green consumption is also an important aspect of Vietnam’s Green Growth Strategy and Vision to 2050. Environmental experts see green consumption as a “savior of the earth” in the face of global environmental degradation.

Recent statistics show that Vietnam is importing fruits and vegetables from 16 markets worldwide. According to the Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Association, Vietnam’s participation in free trade agreements such as EVFTA, RCEPT, CP TPP… has almost reduced fruit and vegetable import taxes to 0%, creating more favorable opportunities for consumers to access various fruits and vegetables from around the world.

2023 is a special milestone in the relationship between Vietnam and France as the two countries celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations and 10 years of upgraded strategic partnership. France is currently the 4th largest trading partner of Vietnam in the EU and a major market in the trade relationship between Vietnam and Europe.

The export of French apples has increased significantly and stably over the past 10 years, reaching over 7,000 tons in 2022-2023. Vietnam has now become a leading destination in Asia for the export of French apples, strengthening its position in the market.

The total agricultural import-export turnover between Vietnam and France in 2022 reached $619 million, an increase of nearly 14% compared to 2021. It is worth noting that agricultural trade between the two sides increased by 14% compared to 2021.

Along with the effective implementation of the Vietnam-EU Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) in 2020, agricultural trade cooperation between Vietnam and France will continue to develop stronger in the future, in line with the great potential of the two countries.

It is expected that Vietnam and France will soon complete and sign an Agricultural Cooperation Agreement between the two Ministries of Agriculture.


With the fast-growing demand for French apples in the market, France focuses on introducing classic and new apple varieties to Vietnamese consumers. The six most popular varieties in the Vietnamese market are Royal Gala, Pixie®, Candine®, Granny Smith, Story®, and Juliet®.

From the environment, geography, sustainable farming methods, harvesting, preservation, to strict certification processes, each step in the production process not only maintains the environmental commitments of orchard owners but also ensures the highest standards to produce perfect French apples for this season in the Vietnamese market.

French apples have an attractive aroma, a balanced sweet taste, are crunchy and can be eaten whole without peeling. French apples are also excellent ingredients in cooking, baking, or juicing. French apples are rich in Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc, fiber, etc., suitable for providing nutrition to consumers with various nutritional needs such as children, adolescents, the elderly, people with weak health, or health-conscious individuals.

In the fall of 2023, INTERFEL (French Fresh Fruit Interbranch Association) returned to Vietnam after the pandemic to promote France’s global position as the third-largest fruit producer in Europe, as well as to introduce the most popular apple varieties in the Vietnamese market.

Through this promotional campaign, INTERFEL aims to enhance consumer awareness of consuming quality products and highlight the commitments of French growers to environmental goals and eco-friendly, clean, nature-friendly farming methods.

Thanks to the ideal weather conditions in fruit orchards this year during spring and summer, harvested apples have beautiful appearances, vibrant colors, and are crispy and delicious inside. According to Prognosfruit 2023, France will have a good harvest this year with a production volume of 1.5 million tons, an 8% increase compared to the previous year, while the total fruit production in Europe is predicted to be smaller at 11.4 million tons. This positions France as the third-largest producer in Europe after Poland and Italy.

Currently, nearly 1,300 French apple growers have been certified as “Vergers écoresponsables” committing to producing quality, environmentally friendly, healthy, and flavorful French apples. For over 20 years, French apple growers have been producing high-quality fruits using sustainable agricultural practices such as promoting biodiversity in fruit orchards, prioritizing biological control methods…

In Vietnam, the French Apple promotion event took place on November 8, 2023, in Ho Chi Minh City, with 20 guests including journalists and influential content creators in the food and green living communities. The event featured a special 4-course menu designed with French apples as the main ingredient and successfully showcased the versatility of French apples in cooking and even daily use.

Immediately after the event, French apples were available for sale and sampling activities at Big C, Tops Market, GO!, AEON, Winmart, Klever Fruits, Thuy Anh Fruit, MM Mega Market, Lottemart stores.

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