[IR AWARDS] February 2024 Information Release Schedule Reminder

There are several noteworthy information disclosure events in the stock market in February, including the Fed's announcement of FOMC meeting results, the effective restructuring of VN30 portfolio, the announcement of portfolio restructuring by MSCI, the release of economic and social situation in February, and the expiration of VN30F2402 futures contract.


[IR AWARDS] Remember the information announcement schedule for January 2024

[IR AWARDS] Remember the information announcement schedule for December 2023

  • 01/02: PMI announced, Fed announces FOMC meeting results
  • 05/02: VN30 portfolio restructuring takes effect

  • 13/02: Portfolio restructuring announced (MSCI)

  • 14/02: Q4/2023 financial statements review deadline (voluntary)

  • 15/02: VN30F2402 futures contract expiry

  • 29/02: Economic and social situation announcement for February

Timely and accurate information disclosure in the stock market is a fundamental responsibility of publicly listed companies towards shareholders and investors. This is also the first evaluation criterion in the annual IR voting program (IR Awards) organized by Vietstock and Financial & Life magazine to honor companies with the best IR activities of the year.

Penalties for notable information disclosure violations in January 2024

In the latest month (January 2024), the State Securities Commission (SSC) has issued penalties for information disclosure violations by Tien Le Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (HOSE: DIG), Electrical Equipment and Spare Parts Corporation (UPCoM: EMG), An Gia Real Estate Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (HOSE: AGG), Sao Thai Duong Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (HOSE: SJF), The Golden Group Joint Stock Company (UPCoM: TGG), and Prosperity Construction and Investment Trading Development Joint Stock Company (UPCoM: TV6) for failing to disclose information as required by law.

The SSC also fined Sunshine Homes Development Joint Stock Company (UPCoM: SSH), DRH Holdings Joint Stock Company (HOSE: DRH), Bà Rịa – Vũng Tàu House Development Joint Stock Company (HOSE: HDC), Dong A Hotels Group Joint Stock Company (HOSE: DAH) for publishing information late as prescribed by law, and for publishing inaccurate information.

In addition, the SSC also handed out penalties related to the disclosure of stock transactions by Mr. Doãn Thanh Sơn, a related party of Ms. Hoàng Thị Kim Lan – Chief Accountant of Hong Ha Food Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (HOSE: HSL), and Ms. Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Hạnh, a related party of Mr. Đặng Quang Hạnh – Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tân Tạo Investment and Industrial Development Joint Stock Company (HOSE: ITA).



IR Awards is an annual program that comprehensively evaluates the IR activities of listed companies, including Market information disclosure survey, IR voting for two categories, and Honoring the best listed companies with excellent IR activities of the year.

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