Ownership of Dragon Capital’s fund group at HSG exceeds 11%

Dragon Capital's fund group now holds over 11% stake in Hoa Sen Group (HOSE: HSG) as one of its member fund purchased 3 million HSG shares.


Specifically, a member fund of the Dragon Capital group, named Amersham Industries Limited, acquired 3 million shares of HSG in the session on 26/01, thereby increasing its ownership in HSG to nearly 2.7%, bringing the ownership of the entire Dragon Capital group to over 11.3%, equivalent to nearly 69.8 million shares.

Based on the closing price of HSG shares in the session on 26/01, which is VND 23,550 per share, it is estimated that Amersham Industries Limited spent about VND 7.1 billion on this transaction.

On 26/01, there were both match and agreement transactions in HSG shares simultaneously

This is the first time that the ownership of the Dragon Capital group in HSG has exceeded the 11% threshold. Prior to that, in March 2023, the group officially became a major shareholder in HSG after 2 member funds acquired 1.1 million shares.

After the transaction, HSG shares continued to increase to VND 22,900 per share at the end of 01/02 session. In the past year, HSG has increased nearly 61%, with an average liquidity of over 13.9 million shares per session.

Stock price movement of HSG in 1 year

In terms of business performance, HSG has just announced its Q1 financial statements of fiscal year 2023-2024 with net revenue of nearly VND 9.1 trillion and gross profit of VND 950 billion, corresponding to an increase of 15% and 494% compared to the same period. Gross profit margin has improved significantly to 10%.

In addition, the financial segment is also more optimistic, with financial revenue increasing by 37% to VND 44 billion, while financial costs decreased by 56% to VND 50 billion.

The minus point is that both selling and administrative expenses have increased compared to the same period, most notably selling expenses increased to VND 735 billion.

As a result, the steel king recorded a net profit of VND 103 billion, while in the same period last year, it suffered a heavy loss of VND 680 billion. This hundred-billion profit quarter follows the recovery trend of Hoa Sen since the beginning of 2023. In the past 4 quarters, this company has earned a net profit of VND 800 billion.

* The steel king HSG just reported a profit of over VND 100 billion, inventory increased to VND 8,000 billion

Huy Khai

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