Most popular two-story detached villa design

A 2-story semi-detached villa is an ideal choice for families who love comfortable and convenient living. It offers a perfect combination of comfort and luxury, providing a spacious and well-designed living space. With its unique architectural style and modern amenities, this villa offers an exceptional living experience. Whether you're looking for a peaceful retreat or a place to entertain guests, this 2-story villa is sure to meet all your needs and exceed your expectations. Experience the ultimate in luxury living with this stunning 2-story semi-detached villa.


The semi-detached villa is an architecture designed with 3 garden-facing facades. The remaining side is a shared wall with the adjacent villa. This type of villa is built on the same land area and has a common wall. The interior and exterior design may be similar, but they have their own pathways and different interior spaces.

Nowadays, this modern semi-detached villa type is very popular in Vietnam. Semi-detached villas have modern design, multiple functions, and reasonable prices.

The design of semi-detached villas does not require a large area like detached villas. This also requires consideration of the garden area and landscaping to create a natural living space for the homeowner. Typically, modern semi-detached villas have an area ranging from 150m² – 250m².

Let’s take a look at some beautiful 2-storey semi-detached villa models:

A 2-storey semi-detached villa model is usually designed with a luxurious and modern style, using high-quality and durable materials. The luxurious design also provides a beautiful and impressive view for passersby. (Photo: Vinavic)

The front of this modern 2-storey semi-detached villa is designed in a minimalist style, with clean and strong square blocks. The combination of open space and swimming pool is the highlight of this design. (Photo: Vinavic)

A 2-storey semi-detached villa model is designed to be simple, utilizing glass windows to maximize natural light. (Photo: Vinavic)

A 2-storey semi-detached villa model suitable for construction in urban areas. Although the area is not too large, it is fully furnished. (Photo: Vinavic)

A luxurious and modern 2-storey semi-detached villa design. (Photo: Nhaxinhdesign)

To avoid direct sunlight, the architect used front barriers that are both effective and aesthetically pleasing. Different from conventional semi-detached villa models, this project features 2 different decorative styles on the 2nd floor, creating a fresh and eye-catching look. (Photo: Vinavic)

With the combination of black and white tones on the sturdy concrete walls, adding transparent glass, it creates a perfect structure. The addition of fresh green colors in the empty corners of the villa helps the exterior space to be more gentle. (Photo: Nhaxinhdesign)

An ultra-modern semi-detached villa design with meticulously designed open space showcasing the creative and grandeur of the surrounding exterior. The open space combining 3 open sides is designed to avoid a sense of confinement, making it less overwhelming when neighboring houses are close to each other. (Photo: Nhaxinhdesign)

This modern 2-storey semi-detached villa features a solid and stable architectural form designed symmetrically. (Photo: Nhaxinhdesign)

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