SharkSign 05/02: Institutional Investors and Proprietary Traders Consistently Buy and Sell Bank Stocks

In the session on 05/02, despite the opposition from foreign investors and proprietary trading, where the proprietary trading bloc bought a net 113 billion dong, while foreign investors sold a net 126 billion dong, both parties agreed on the specific banks' stocks such as STB, VIB, HDB, TPB.


In particular, the two ETF funds E1VFVN30 and FUEVFVND from Dragon Capital were the strongest net purchases by securities companies, totaling 95 billion VND. Behind them are STB, VIB, HPG, VNM,… In the top 10 list, there are 3 banking stocks including STB (22.1 billion VND), VIB (20.4 billion VND) and ACB (7.7 billion VND).

On the other hand, another banking stock, MBB, was the strongest net sale, amounting to 92 billion VND. Other banking stocks with net sales include HDB (7.4 billion VND), TPB (3.1 billion VND). Following MBB are VSC, GVR, MWG, GMD,…

Source: VietstockFinance

In the session of February 5th, foreign investors were net sellers with a total of 126 billion VND, while HOSE had net purchases of 11.5 billion VND and HNX had net sales of up to 137 billion VND.

The stocks that were strongest in net sales were SHS (119 billion VND), TPB (99 billion VND), and VCB (56 billion VND). In particular, among the top 20 stocks with net sales, 5 of them are securities stocks, such as SHS, SSI, VIX, CTS, and MBS.

In contrast, the banking stock CTG had net purchases of 195 billion VND, STB recorded 93 billion VND, and there was also VIB. Similarly, VND, which is in the securities sector, had net purchases of 27 billion VND.

Source: VietstockFinance

Source: VietstockFinance

Tu Kinh

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