Sharp revenue increase in early year tourism due to choosing the right payment method.

In January, the festival season begins, and travel companies start boosting their revenue by implementing optimal payment solutions for their customers. Digital payment is not just a trend, but also a crucial need in the modern travel industry...



The beginning of the year brings great opportunities for the tourism industry with the long Tet holidays and the increasing demand for spring travel. Travelers not only need rest and family gatherings but also want to explore and experience new destinations.

The latest data released by the General Statistics Office shows that more than 1.5 million international visitors came to Vietnam in January, nearly a 74% increase compared to the same period last year. This is a positive sign, marking the start of a prosperous year for tourism.

However, this requires travel companies to constantly innovate to meet the needs of tourists. Among them, digital payment is gradually becoming a new standard in the tourism industry due to its convenience, security, and speed; this method not only promotes digital transformation but also creates a better customer experience.

In fact, applying financial technology to the tourism industry has brought many breakthroughs: creating a new trend of booking tours, flights, hotels… and making online payments through digital banks or payment intermediaries. Not only for domestic tourists, but cashless payments are a great advantage for international tourists when they come to Vietnam.

They do not need to exchange cash, simplify operations, and have more time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and specialties. From there, it increases the competitiveness of travel companies as well as the spending of tourists when experiencing a variety of services. Therefore, travel companies need to be alert to seize opportunities, choose optimal payment solutions to boost revenue during this peak season.


9Pay has built a comprehensive payment solution for domestic and international businesses, optimized for each type of service, including tourism. By integrating technology and dedicated services, 9Pay not only highlights the trend of cashless payments but also demonstrates to partners: payment is not just a transaction, but a flexible, convenient, and above all, value-added customer experience.

One of the preferred payment solutions for travel businesses is Payment Link. This feature will help send a link provided by the travel company to customers who want to make online payments (such as tour deposits). As a result, businesses can quickly receive payments, easily track transactions, manage cash flows, and increase conversion rates. In addition, 9Pay’s domestic payment gateway has many advantages in supporting Vietnamese travel businesses compared to international payment partners: competitive costs and maximum protection for businesses.

The Payment Link solution of 9Pay supports travel companies in optimizing payments for customers.

9Pay not only provides services but also creates optimal payment experiences for each business. Customer satisfaction and trust are a guarantee of the quality that 9Pay brings.

AN Tours Vietnam – one of the trusted partners, shared: “By integrating the 9Pay payment gateway, we have revolutionized our payment process, allowing customers to make quick, safe, and efficient transactions. Customers can easily make payments, book deposits online, and contribute to building brand reputation.”

In addition, the flexibility of 9Pay in accepting various currencies has also created great convenience for international customers, helping them avoid conversion costs and feel more comfortable when conducting financial transactions.

The 9Pay payment solution is not only a payment support tool but also an important strategy to help travel companies increase revenue in the new year. The flexibility, convenience, and security of 9Pay have been proven through positive feedback and statistics from business customers, laying the foundation for closer cooperation between 9Pay and the Vietnamese tourism industry.

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