Sun Cosmo Residence Da Nang Shines Bright with Luxury Offerings

As the most impressive project in the Da Nang real estate market in 2023, the high-end riverside real estate complex - Sun Cosmo Residence Da Nang continues to heat up with the unveiling of a unique product line with limited quantities for the elite class.


Fill the “gap” with Super Luxury Real Estate in Da Nang

Despite being a centrally-run city, the capital of tourism in the Central region with the fastest economic growth rate and mechanical population in the country, oriented to become a regional-scale International Financial Center, a livable seaside city reaching Asian standards, but Da Nang has always lacked super luxury real estate products for the upper class. This is a disadvantage of the real estate market in Da Thanh compared to the two major cities at the two ends of the country.

Meanwhile, experts evaluate that Da Nang’s economy is gradually recovering after the pandemic, combined with the strong acceleration of the tourism industry has created a driving force for the market, increasing the demand for high-end real estate in the prime location of the city center.

Rare supply of luxury real estate along the Han River in Da Nang. Illustrated photo

Surveying the Da Nang market, besides the luxurious urban area Sunneva Island in Nam Hoa Xuan, there is hardly any high-end supply worthy of the upper class. Luxury real estate types always in the sight of the wealthy such as Duplex apartments, penthouses, high-rise garden villas… are still “rare” in the coastal city of Da Nang.

Looking out into the world, luxury apartments in major city centers are always sought after and “sold out” by the wealthy. With unique designs in a large living space, breaking the architectural norm of typical apartments, not to mention breathtaking views and a state-of-the-art utility system, this limited-edition product line is likened to “mansions in the sky”, satisfying the different lifestyles and personal identities of homeowners.

Sun Cosmo Residence Da Nang owns a prime location along the Han River, next to Tran Thi Ly Bridge. Illustrated photo

In Da Nang, amidst the scarce market, Sun Property – a member of the Sun Group Corporation, has revealed the “super products” in the sky at the upscale real estate complex Sun Cosmo Residence Da Nang. These sophisticated apartments quickly satisfy the thirst for luxury real estate in Da Thanh.

If Panoma 1 and Panoma 2 high-rise towers at Sun Cosmo Residence Da Nang impress customers with their prime location along the Han River, adjacent to Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Nguyen Van Troi Bridge, located at the international intersection with arterial roads, only 1 km from My Khe Beach with breathtaking views, then special masterpieces here are compared to “the brightest stars” bringing the privilege of a luxurious lifestyle that is desired.

Living in luxury “mansions” in the sky

To honor the upper-class status, the investor cleverly offers special types of apartments with diverse areas, designs, and personalized living spaces.

Luxurious space and million-dollar views of special apartments at Sun Cosmo Residence Da Nang. Illustrated photo

The only Penthouse apartment of Panoma 1 tower is located on the highest peak of the building, worthy of being a luxurious mansion with amazing views, honoring the privilege of the owner. From this mansion, the entire beauty of Da Thanh can be enjoyed at glance, admiring the stars in the sky every night and enjoying all the pleasures of life. With an area similar to the Penthouse – over 200m2, Duplex apartments from the 19th to the 31st floor own 4-5 bedrooms, bringing a luxurious and extremely modern living space. Thanks to the spacious area, with many bedrooms and multiple open sides, Duplex or Penthouse apartments in Panoma 1 meet the needs of multi-generational families, where each member wants privacy but still easy to connect. Owners of Penthouse and Duplex apartments will be awarded 10 years of management fees.

In addition, Panoma 1 tower also has special garden apartments on the 27th floor, surrounded by greenery, bringing a harmonious living space with nature. 6 garden apartments share a spacious green area of ​​up to 550 m2 – a rare design in any high-rise tower. The owners of these apartments can relax with tea, practice yoga, take a walk every day, and personally take care of the quiet garden at a high place, enjoying a flourishing and modern life.

A green garden space is the privilege of the owners of high-end apartments in the two towers of The Panoma. Illustrated photo

Meanwhile, Panoma 2 tower along the Han River brings only a few Sky Villas on the 18th floor, owning a balcony that surrounds the apartment, and the ceiling height of 4m instead of the usual 3.5m. With the advantage of three sides facing the Han River, one side facing My Khe Beach and combined with exclusive designs for the owners, Sky Villa apartments will bring an elegant and perfect living style in the precious position in the heart of the livable city. The owners of Sky Villa apartments will enjoy 8 years of free management services.

“High-rise towers usually arrange few super luxury apartments on the highest and most beautiful floors. However, the special apartments in this project own many unique values. Thanks to the prime location that creates a million-dollar view of the river, the sea, and the modern city. In addition, the optimal design of space, investing in many garden areas, balconies, making apartments always spacious and airy, welcoming natural sunlight and wind,” said Ms. Minh Huyen, a customer in the real estate investment sector in Da Nang.

Sun Cosmo Residence Da Nang also meticulously cares about the space for children. Illustrated photo

Owners of special apartments not only own a luxurious, convenient, and peaceful residence in the sky but also easily go down to the bustling streets to immerse themselves in Da Thanh’s vibrant life or experience high-end amenities within the complex such as an infinity pool, gym, kid’s club, community activity room, commercial services at the pedestal and low-rise area of The Cosmo… These elite owners can also enjoy a private yacht on the Han River when their home is only a few minutes’ walk from the yacht wharf in Euro Village.

“The successful people are always willing to pay higher prices to exchange for fresh air and a high-class life with privileges not for the majority. With a limited number, the high-rise “super products” at Sun Cosmo Residence Da Nang open up opportunities to own an ideal residence and affirm the social status of the upper class in Da Thanh, contributing to raising the value and brand of real estate in the livable city on the market,” shared a representative from Sun Property.


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