In connection with the case of many people falling into the trap when buying the ‘ghost’ project of TP Holding Company, according to our information, the Ho Chi Minh City police are investigating signs of tax evasion by this company when trading in land in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province.

After receiving the crime report, recently, the Economic Police Division of the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department summoned Mr. Tran Van Dung (born in 1987, from Hai Duong), Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of TP Holding, for questioning.

Prior to being named TP Holding JSC (TP Holding), the precursor of the company was Truong Phat Investment Joint Stock Company, headquartered at 211 Tran Nao, An Khanh Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Representatives of TP Holding working with customers who purchased the ‘ghost’ project Seaway Binh Chau. (Photo: Dinh Du)

According to the denunciation of Mr. N.V.D (residing in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City), in April 2018, Mr. Tran Van Dung, without the consent of the shareholders and members of the Board of Directors of TP Holding, unilaterally signed an agreement to receive the transfer and use rights of a 1.5-hectare land plot in Long Hai town, Long Dien district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province.

The owner of the land plot is Mrs. L.T.K.T and the land plot is divided into 96 lots, with the transaction price being 7 million VND/m2. According to the agreement, Mrs. T. is responsible for completing the procedures to issue land use certificates for each lot and transferring them to TP Holding.

Afterwards, Mr. Dung was granted a power of attorney by Mrs. T. to have the right to “list, offer, and sign deposit contracts” with customers. The land plot was then named “Seaway Long Hai project”.

From May 2018, Mr. Dung, on behalf of TP Holding, signed deposit agreements with nearly 100 people who wished to purchase land here, with prices ranging from 12-16 million VND/m2. Interestingly, customers made deposit payments through Mr. Dung’s personal bank account.

According to the files collected by the reporter, in the deposit contract for land plot SW01-27 of the “Seaway Long Hai project” signed on December 20, 2018, with an area of 96.9m2, the transfer price for this land plot is 1.55 billion VND.

However, in the notarized contract at the office of Notary Public Phan Van Hai (Long Dien district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province), the transfer price for the aforementioned land plot SW01-27 is only 120 million VND.

The land plot is advertised as the “Seaway Binh Chau urban area project”. (Photo: Dinh Du)

Similarly, the deposit contract for land plot SW01-14 signed by Mr. Dung with a customer on May 28, 2018, with an area of 103.26m2, has a selling price of 1.3 billion VND. However, the notarized contract only shows a transfer price of 120 million VND.

Another case is the land plot with the code SW02-02, with an area of 90m2, the transfer price shown in the deposit contract is 1.13 billion VND, but in the notarized contract, it is only 120 million VND.

Throughout the process of selling 96 land plots in the “Seaway Long Hai project”, Mr. D. was appointed by Mr. Tran Van Dung to represent TP Holding to receive a power of attorney from Mrs. T.

At the same time, according to the agreement with Mr. Tran Van Dung, Mr. D. will also act as the company representative to sign contracts for the transfer of land use rights to buyers.

Regarding TP Holding, earlier we reported that many customers filed complaints against Mr. Tran Van Dung for fraudulent sales of the “ghost” project Seaway Binh Chau urban area in Thang Hai commune, Ham Tan district, Binh Thuan province.

Accordingly, at the beginning of 2019, after signing deposit contracts with TP Holding, many customers made payments from several hundred million VND to billions VND through Mr. Tran Van Dung’s personal account to buy land plots at the “Seaway Binh Chau urban area”.

However, because TP Holding did not sign transfer contracts and transfer the land, many customers liquidated the deposit contracts. However, they did not receive a refund from this company.

Anh Phuong

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