Toyota Corolla Cross 2024 unveils its first teaser: Audi-inspired headlights, more features, set to rival the CX-5 and expected to arrive in Vietnam this year

The upcoming facelift version of the Toyota Corolla Cross, set to be launched on February 8th, doesn't undergo significant changes in terms of design. However, it promises to bring major updates in terms of equipment.


Toyota Thailand has recently released the first teaser clip of the upcoming 2024 Toyota Corolla Cross. The brand has also confirmed that the car will be unveiled on February 8th in Thailand.

The short clip reveals a major change in the facelifted version of the Corolla Cross, which is the new front lighting cluster. The LED headlights have been redesigned with a horizontal LED strip and small LED clusters integrated with turn signals, similar to the ones found on Audi models.

Earlier, Autolife Thailand had leaked detailed information and images of the 2024 Corolla Cross. Besides the redesigned front lighting, the car also features new wheels, a fully digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel, a 10.5-inch center touchscreen with wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto support, electronic parking brake with auto hold function, USB-C ports, and a panoramic sunroof.

The exterior of the 2024 Corolla Cross features significant changes in the lighting cluster and wheels. (Image: Autolife)

The interior of the 2024 Corolla Cross features significant changes in the center touchscreen, steering wheel-mounted display, and electronic parking brake. (Image: Autolife)

The engine options for the new Corolla Cross are expected to be upgraded as well. Autolife expects the car to ditch its existing 1.8L gasoline engine and replace it with a new 2.0L engine similar to the one in the Camry. The hybrid version is also likely to receive some refinements.

The 2024 Corolla Cross engine in Thailand will receive upgrades. (Image: Autolife)

The 2024 Toyota Corolla Cross is expected to be launched in Vietnam this year. The authorized dealerships have already started taking bookings for the premium gasoline and hybrid variants, excluding the standard G variant. The models sold in Vietnam will continue to be imported from Thailand.

Currently, the Corolla Cross is one of the best-selling Toyota models in Vietnam. With the brand’s recent controversies regarding cheating scandals, the early arrival of the upgraded 2024 Corolla Cross in Vietnam, often seen as a golden egg-laying hen, is highly feasible.

Additional leaked images of the 2024 Toyota Corolla Cross:

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